It was a true honor and a blessing to receive the oils from Alexandra and the incredible distance IRP session from Jerry and the healing team.

I immediately felt the vibes get to work once I started using the oils.

I have received quite a bit of spiritual work to remove “baddies”, attachments and a couple generational curses, for myself and my family. While all of that was equally important for my process, it does give me peace of mind knowing Jerry and the healing team finished the job by finally removing the implants. I received the email with the Discovery Report results and the report was quite validating as to the authenticity and the thoroughness of the Implant Removal Process. This was such a tremendous gift to receive and Jerry and the team are incredibly gifted and dedicated to their work.

I felt such great hi-vibes throughout the session and, while a distance session, it was at least as palpable and powerful as any session I had ever received in person.

About 2 days after the IRP, I certainly started to feel much more grounded, with the help of the oils Alexandra sent to put on the soles of my feet. It was clear that, without the implants, I was much more integrated into my body and have been able to really be more myself. I am more motivated than ever to expand myself spiritually, knowing that I won’t get as flighty as before.

I’m feeling great!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Much Love. XOXO