It has been difficult for me to put my many pages of notes into a succinct testimonial. I can’t thank you enough for you what you have all done for me. The journal with my notes ran away for some time, but I found it recently. And so here it goes…
THANK YOU Alexandra and Jerry! This healing process was deep and truly transformative to my being. It enabled me to see past the illusion of this matrix, forgive and love all aspects of my Self, reactivate my psychic gifts, launch me on my Earth mission, unlock my abundance AND prepare me for the jump to 5D! Over the days, weeks and months following this incredible treatment, I watched myself with such clarity transform in the cocoon and emerge a butterfly. My physical pain is now non-existent, and I am able to easily navigate the perceived obstacles this reality presents. It’s all just a game and I’m enjoying it fully now! Thank you for putting me safely on my path. Looking forward to seeing you “on the other side.”
Thank you, thank you, thank you!