Hello again

I felt compelled to discuss my own experiences so far regarding to the quantum entanglement kit. It’s so specific to the timing and what you discussed in your interview is so relevant to everything I’ve been experiencing lately. We are definitely at this end game where compassion is starting and the energies are assisting us now.

Just other than the balancing of the feminine, masculine energies within it has like a magnetic pulse and it balances me like a dose of compassion and peacefulness from within . It couldn’t of come at a better time with the new energies coming into the planet, the crystalline grid activation. I feel very grateful each day.

I take 4 drops of the one I am guided and I do same at night. Sometimes during the night as well. I can feel a certain frequency an energy I can relate to, it’s profoundly peaceful.

I know you’re guided to relate information to light workers, to all  but it’s simply more than information to me as I read behind the words and they are truly of love. This year is a year of distinctiveness as you mentioned it could have not been better said it also recognizes my entire purpose. Your messages gear me and it’s information we need to hear as we know it but it refreshes us.

I have been doing the  I am work  every day since 2009 and since you left the messages from Prime Creator back in June it  really helped me too as I also had to go away to Europe in June and it was part of the work each day.

I am so grateful for all that you do and I just am glad we have arrived at this point finally too. I have never felt so nicely grounded and safe.

I have to send this quick or my internet goes down. I have had the person fix it but it still giving me problems.

Best wishes always