I want to thank you Alexandra and Jerry for the beautiful and unique service you are providing through these healing experiences. In 8 months I am significantly more centered, serene and connected than I ever recall being.

I’ve gained clarity, acceptance, expectation and confidence that this time we are creating the new Earth and ascending.


I consider a process like GPI has started when I purchase it from the services offered at galacticconnection. I recite the proclamations I learned, I pay attention to the thoughts, dreams and visions I receive. While I was preparing in that way, I felt more strongly my connections to others and theirs to me. An incident happened to remind me to mind very carefully what energies I give out to whom. I was reminded how important it is to protect my energies and to cut the link to someone when I feel it is necessary.

Then I went into meditation at the appointed time for my session with Jeff. I felt many things. I would describe it as fuzzyness mostly. I saw colors and felt dizzy. I didn’t see clearly like I am used to. I was out of it. I woke up after two hours confused and unsure of how I felt. But I knew with certainty that something had changed. Something was missing, not missing but gone. Something was gone. I feel this still, a week after my session.

Now, though, after reading my report and witnessing my new reality, I can say that connections I had to others were severed. It is a very physical feeling too. My eyes see differently. I see more clearly it seems. I do not feel my heart attached to them in the same way. Others around me felt it too. They felt the change. It’s like I am standing taller, more sovereign in my space.

Thank you, Jeff. My energies are settling now. I am grateful you worked on my field with your strong and sunny energies.

Be blessed,