As one person told me a long time, we at Galactic Connection must be doing something right with all of the new “interference” that has accelerated as of late. Throughout my journey as a blogger, writer, interviewer, speaker, healer, alchemist, and administrator, I am AMAZED that I have not thrown the towel in due to the constant resistance from “beings of interference.” After countless attempts at energy work, proclamations, cutting cords, releasing contracts, alchemical ceremonies, healings, release work, and more, the interference continues to show up. Now, it has lessened but for every technological “hole” that we close down and find is being used for intrusion, another type of “opening” appears.

So with that said, PLEASE do me a favor. IF you can not hear our interviews adequately (even though we can hear them crystal clear on this end), please consider the following:

If you are having difficulty making out the sound within ANY of my interviews (audio or video), please consider the following (and I think this may be effecting others as well who work for The Light):

If you are having difficulty with the volume of both audio and video recorded interviews, we have found that “it is not an inherent problem with the video itself. It is very likely a missing or old “codec” (COmpressor/DECompressor) problem. (You’ll) need to install a codec pack, which is free and common on the net. BUT! You should be very leary of intrusions masquerading as legit codec bundles. Since codec addons are very common, hackers use that need to their advantage.” Eric

Also make sure you have the latest install of Adobe Flash. This is a CLEAN downloader per Eric. You want the plug in based Adobe Flash for browsers other than Internet Explorer (IE).

Also reconsider the browser you are using. Eric prefers Firefox.

Others are not having this problem so if you are, conside following these recommendations.

Hope this helps!