This is well worth a tool to pass around to those who are relatively new to these premises…
It was January 2007 that I developed the Road to Roota Theory. At the time it was laughed off as the stock market and rigged system was humming along peacefully…as usual. Even my GATA friends had laughed off the theory that there were people working in the background to take down the Banking Cabal.
Here we sit almost 6 years later and much of that chaos that I predicted has manifested in some way or another. Not the END GAME yet, but the fragility of those who used to control us with an iron fist can be seen at all levels.
Since everyone seems to love Youtube here is the Road to Roota Theory Youtube Video with links to the back-up research.
The 2007 Road to Roota Theory
Feel free to post it all around because the END GAME is right around the corner.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir