A Few Notes on it…

Posted on May 18, 2012
These may be helpful to some of you as you (if you) listen to the 5-16-12 Drake Show mp3s. I just took a few notes, very rough (may have missed a few things), and marked the Part# and time (min:sec). So here we go.

Part 1: 5:45 Martin Luther King wrote speech at Drake’s picnic table; 8:20 Two things that the military is waiting on: legalities, our voices

Part 3: 13:00 Obama; 16:00 What about sports, after arrests and changeover?

Part 4: 0:00 Korean War UN issues; 9:15 illegal aliens; 21:00 food and replicators; 24:00 Federal land issues; 27:00 Eminent Domain

Part 5: 8:30 Foreign (Russian) troops in U.S.; 10:00 Are all US Marshals on board?; 15:15 New science, technology, cashless society; 18:15 Q. about One World Order; 20:15 What is military looking for from us?; 24:15 Europe, Greece, central banks

Part 6: 00:30 Aboutpossible false flag in Chicago, Divine Intervention; 10:00 Local level considerations; 16:30 Bill Wood?; 19:45 Drake closing statement; 23:10 Look for more coming out next week

Courtesy of http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/a-few-of-my-notes-on-the-5-16-12-drake-show/