Table Mountain Activation Sunday September 9th


(In Person ~ Meet 8:00am for 8:30am Cable Car Trip up Table Mountain)

On September 9th 2012, we enter into the ninth initiatory Gateway of Light through the ninth ray of Highest Potentials and the Overlighting of Mother Mary and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.


The ninth ray of Highest Potentials is one of the more prominent rays connected to our Service work, and has the most influence on our original Divine eight-cell blueprint, and our etheric, emotional and mental bodies. It is the ray that focuses most on the probability of achieving our Highest Potential as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love through purpose, passion, joy and Divine Love.


Through this initiatory Gateway of Light, we experience ourselves as The Servant as we align into our original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, the blueprint of our Sacred Contract, embraced in a beautiful Blue-Green Flame of Light. Additionally we step out of any power struggles, resistances and stresses, into an alignment of Light that is expressed through a deeper integration of the Divine Feminine aspects within ourselves and an opening of our heart to one another and to all Life. This initiation takes us to a place of stillness within in knowing and wisdom, where perceived conflict and dynamic right action step into a natural flow and equilibrium through the Grace of Mother/Father God.


As we experience these increased Solar Light frequencies and New Earth Templates of Divine Love being activated at a cellular level within the body, we are invited into Table Mountain, Cape Town, to experience all timelines of our Divine Feminine aspects through the Overlighting of Mother Mary. Additionally we activate this Blue-Green Flame of Highest Potentials and Divine Love by creating a bridge of Light into the timeline of Lemuria and through our Lemurian Higher Selves, bring into this Now the etheric wisdom crystals of our many gifts as healers, teachers, artists, Priests and Priestesses, scientists and metaphysicians, to name a few. As these etheric wisdom crystals further activate our dormant DNA, we come into the knowing that we have already achieved Self Mastery. Furthermore, as we experience this timeline, we open our hearts to receive the sacred flames of unity, justice, peace, wisdom, creativity, joy, mercy, unconditional Love, splendor, compassion and Divine guidance. We further anchor and activate these celestial Blue-Green Flames of Highest Potential within and around the 144 Crystalline Grid of Unity Consciousness, assisting all Life to truly know themselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.


From here we are invited into the Ascension Seat within Sirius to activate our Light Bodies/Merkabas to the recalibrated New Earth Template Geometries of Light and experience a deeper alignment into our original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint through the merging of our future Selves in this Now. Additionally, we anchor the ninth Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc and two minor discs through the spinal column.

As our Light Quotient increases over the month of September, surrounded in our vibrant blue-green cloaks of Self Mastery, we use this Divine Light as The Servant to bring balance and equilibrium into all areas of our lives as these sacred Master Beings of Light and co-creators to the Company of Heaven. Furthermore, we allow all Life the possibility to experience the Love of the Divine Mother in compassion, peace, joy and purpose through the Overlighting of Mother Mary and the entire Company of Heaven. And so it is.