This is an interesting perspective, however I would challenge  that ET Traders are the only ones arriving here these days…


In the movie The Matrix (1999) reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality created by sentient machines to pacify and subdue the human population, while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. When the lead character Neo wakes up in his real physical body, and thus in the real physical world, he discovers that the real reality people live in (in contrast to the simulated, illusionary reality they think they live in) is not that nice. For a long time, mankind’s consciousness has been manipulated and they have been taken advantage of.

Although the movie is fictional, it clearly explains the state in which humanity finds itself at the present. Humanity is waking up and is discovering that we have been manipulated and taken advantage of for a very long time. The secret rulers of humanity are not machines, but groups of extraterrestrials who have exploited the Earth and humanity for a long time. We are starting to discover who they, and why they are here, and what they are doing to the planet and mankind. The emerging picture is not pretty at all, unless you want to desperately believe that all ETs are benevolent. Reality is different, shocking and far reaching. We have to start accepting that humanity is not the “crown of creation”, and that many races of ETs are here purely for their own selfish interests. And, we have to learn that they are capable of technologic feats that dwarf even the most advanced human technology. If you are not willing to accept concepts and possibilities that are way out of the mainstream UFO literature, don’t read this article.




In this article I want to give an overview of several aspects of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth and in our solar system. So many UFO enthusiasts focus only on the strange lights in the sky but don’t understand the intelligence behind it. Other people are fascinated by abductions, but don’t have a clue what that is all about. All too often people interested into aliens focus on one or more of the trees but don’t see the forest. By doing this they actually become victims of the alien phenomenon which is, on purpose, very deceptive.

The following is based on many, many years of study and critical thinking. It was a slow process of connecting many dots together, putting many puzzle pieces on the right place, and trying to see the overall picture that would explain the many seemingly bizarre and mysterious phenomena associated with the alien presence. I have already talked about the unfriendly and  dangerous behavior of the visiting ETs  towards humanity in my articles of The Present Alien Intervention on Earth and Unfriendly ET Visitors . I am presenting here my ideas based on available information that is out there. I am not interested in proving anything. The following information is for your reflection, and then you can make up your own mind.

The Reason for the ET Traders Presence

aliens mining a planet

First I should clarify what I understand by the term ET Visitors. These are physical alien races who come from other planets. They come here only for one purpose: to mine and take physical resources they need for their own civilizations. I also call them ET Traders, because they are (in analogy with our human terms) businessmen. They are the predominant alien visitors. They are not spiritually evolved, and they care only about obtaining  resources (and that includes biological life forms) and they sell and trade them with other alien races. They don’t care at all about the well-being of the life forms on this planet (including humans).

There are also benevolent (towards humans) alien races who come and visit us, but they are rare. They are more spiritually evolved. They do not engage (or very little) in the cosmic trade. They do not interfere with humanity’s evolution. At most they give us valuable information and knowledge. Because the ET Traders control this section of the Milky Way galaxy, the benevolent alien races are generally not allowed to visit humanity on Earth. Nevertheless, at present there is an active, although covert, support for humanity from the side of the benevolent ETs.

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