The 2013 Awakening
by Brooks A. Agnew
When we look ahead, sometimes we actually have to look behind. Does that make sense? Well, it does if you read the book Remembering the Future. I have practiced a sort of time travel for most of my life. Yes, it gets confusing sometimes when I explain an engineering marvel that hasn’t been invented yet or stand around waiting for a bus that isn’t due for three more days. Okay, the last one is a figure a speech, but you know what I mean.
You hear some experts say we should live in the now. We physicists don’t really know what that is. I mean, if there was a now as a singular moment in time, we wouldn’t be able to tell you how fast it goes or its location. We like to know one or the other. What I discovered a long time ago is that the entire universe is a creation of consciousness. That’s a short way of saying that most of the energy of the universe travels at the speed of light, which brings all distance to zero, and thus the whole thing is just a time singularity. A small amount of it, about 5% of it, slows down to sub light speed so we can behold it as the third dimension. It’s pretty simple really, once you jump over to the dark side a few times. Well, that is to dark matter.
I have been teaching for years that dark energy and dark matter are not really dark at all, but instead are super-bright matter moving at the speed of light. I maintain that it may very well be the subconscious of the universe. There really was never a big bang, and the phenomena we theorize as black holes are nothing more than time holes between universes. Why do I put these thoughts right after talking about the crash of 2013 or the presidential collapse of 2015 or the solar storm of 2018? Well, because we survive them all.
You see, this entire dimension, that is to say the third dimension, is our creation. We designed it. It is our observation of energy that collapsed the waves into particles that we experience. And we’re not alone in this observation. There are sentient beings all over the galaxy and the universe doing what we are doing. I can ell you from my own thoughts that some are very much more advanced than us in their weaponry, but they have learned no better than we have how to restrain themselves. There are communities that have figured out how to grow beyond lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, but they don’t stay around long. Why?
Well, that is a great question. By the way this type of universe is the only type of universe that can form in stability, and our consciousness is integral to the whole equation. If one of us leaves, then the whole thing collapses and has to be restarted. If you search your soul, you’ll see that I speak the truth. You can argue if you want to, and some insist on doing so, but that does not change the truth in the slightest.
So, if we are the creators, then why do we get ourselves as a society so out of balance? Why is it that we end up with all the wealth of an entire planet in the hands of half a dozen men, while the rest of the world shares 5% of it? It’s crazy isn’t it? Well, you see there is a natural state of balance, and it appears it takes some oscillations before it settles down and runs smoothly. The main issue is that the spirit that make up a human soul, that’s a combination of a mortal body and a spirit within, are not balanced.
Let me get back to the question. Why do races that mature beyond the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and pride of life go away so soon? For some, the challenge is ready to go to the next level of joy. The Bible says they shall become pillars of heaven to go no more out. For others, the joy is in service. Helping others to see and experience the joy they have found is the goal. Now, they didn’t have anyone to show them the way, so why do it? Well, one famous soul was Jesus. He certainly did not need to do anything to improve his personal glory. No. He came to show us the way. He came to show us our own divinity. In fact, he never said a word about his own divinity. The idea was to show us that from the raw materials of this planet, we can make our bodies and all the things that make it comfortable, if we apply ourselves. We can also convert our bodies back to light from whence we came, but with a twist. They will be physical light bodies capable of amazing things we cannot even imagine.
This is heaven, actually. The cold, the sickness, and the depravity of raw life are the challenges we crave. The very best leaders and most kind and blessing of souls came from mostly abject poverty. We are not really natural nor comfortable with wealth and opulence. It is a cancer to our souls. Does that mean that we should aspire to poverty? Hardly. It simply means that that there is more to life than stuffing our bodies with cake and out warehouses with more than we need. In fact, it means that the economy of mortal life should not be a contest to see how much wealth we can accumulate. It should be a challenge to see how much we can accomplish for the planet or for the human race as a whole in one lifetime.
Now, here is the good news. The race does not start at zero. It could start where you left off in your last mortality, whether it was here on this world or on another. The tough part is remembering who you are. I used to tell my kids before they went to school or out with friends, “Remember who you are.” An Agnew? Well, yes that’s certainly a noble clan. But more than that. Remember why you came here, and why I got to be your dad, and what greatness you can do this day.
So when I ask you to love as hard as you can, or to reach out and find the good in one another and help it to grow a little every day, I mean it. Inside every body is a spirit that has some goodness in it. Sometimes to have to let that spirit do the bad things it designs to do. When a boss fires you, smile at him like you have a safe full of money at home. When your spouse leaves you or abuses you, you don’t have to take it, but you also don’t have to psychically attack that person the rest of your days. When the economy collapses and seems to enrich that same half dozen men again and again, walk into the next day with a fresh attitude and will to rebuild again by placing your dreams into the future and letting them resonate with the universe.
Do you think money is the way to success? I busted that myth a decade ago. Money might be the result of success, but the success is built with consciousness not money. That’s why the crash is only for those who don’t see it coming. But you do see it coming. Well, actually you hear it coming because I am telling you about it. So, are you going to stay on the tracks, or are you going to step off the tracks and watch the train wreck a few miles down the road?
Good. Now, here is what you have to do. First, I would recommend readin the book Alienated Nation. There are three basic things, and you can think of some variations of them. These are the same things those half dozen men are doing right now, only with much more money. If you just follow their quiet lead, you will be spared any major loss. Listen to the experts on the program this Sunday.
1. Sell your 401K. Call it economic hardship. Take the 10% tax penalty and sell it now. If you don’t, it will be worth about 30% or less of what it is worth now. You can cash out now, and move those dollars to the future where the dollar is worth three times what it is worth today. It’s called a depression or a heavy recession when values drop like a stone. What happned to your house will happen to your 401K. Prices will drop like a lead balloon, which means your money will be able to buy much more after the process hits bottom. China is very closer to ceasing the purchase of US securities for fear of bankruptcy, which is as certain as rain. The US government is about to seize all 401K accounts and issue you an IOU, exactly as they did when they seized your Social Security account. How confident do you feel that they will make that IOU good? The economic designers that built the federal reserve made it that way, and there is no getting around that. Inflate and collapse the money supply, and you can control the world. Simple enough.
2. Take your cash out of the banks as soon as possible. Convert some of it to Silver. Get the metal, not the paper bullion. Own it and hold it in your hands. Go to Apmex to buy the Silver and you’ll get a good price. It is only insured to a small amount if and only if you are not tied to a money market. If you have free checking account, it is tied to a money market. You lose it all when the bank closes. Thousands of banks have already closed in the last four years, and tens of thousands will close in the next four years. Take it home with you. Listen to this Sunday night’s X-Squared Radio and you will hear the experts talking about it.
3. Put a basic food and water supply together. Realistically, you need a year’s supply. That is assuming you can’t do anything for a year, which is really nonsense. You need about a three month’s supply. Any larger than that, and you can’t carry it around with you. You will need to be able to carry it around with you, because you might be moving. Go to my good friends at The Food Investor and get your safety net in place. Don’t rely on FEMA to bring you cookies and cocoa and a blanket. You have already seen how that works out in New Orleans and New Jersey.
If you live in the city, make a plan to go to the countryside with family. If you don’t have any family in the country side, don’t worry. You can disappear more easily in the city. If you are going to pull out of the system, two things will happen to you. First, you be at peace for the first time in your life. You will be free from debt and overhead and bill collectors. Second, you will be able to see the Earth again. You lost sight of it. You might even remember why you came here. It will be like coming off a grand drug that has kept you tugging at the harness your whole life. Everyone around you will feel the lack of stress in you. You will change the world, because you will see the world in a whole new light. Time, once again will slow down for you, and your love will be even more amazing.
Now, let’s talk about this power that we have to convert this Earth into a planet far more enlightened than the one we wake up to every day right now. Do we have it as individuals? Well, yes we do, but it may be more of an observation rather than an actual transformation. In other words, we can love and look upon every trial and a wonderful experience, and in that sense the world has changed. That’s why two people in the same house can have two completely different worlds; one heaven and one hell.
To really transform a world takes a wave of consciousness propelled by the will of many souls. Still, it only takes a few to make the wave begin. That’s what we’re doing here right now. We’re balling up the vision in our hands and getting ready to roll it down the hill of the universe to see if it will gain size and momentum and bowl through the obstacle pins set up by the elite who bask in sunshine and opulence on the backs of the poor who slave at workbenches until they die an ignominious death.
Should we all be rich like that? Perhaps not. The vast majority of people never learn how to focus the lens of their brains to allow their consciousness to see beyond the next meal or the next paycheck. The ability to plan a future is beyond all but a very small number of people. You would be surprised how many people come up to me with great energy speaking about the beauties of the things we are discussing here, only to, after a very few minutes of being left to ramble, decay into a much more energetic desire for money and for wealth.
“I want to own a big home, they say, “with a view of the beach and a grand piano in my living room. I want a Ferrari or a Tesla for each day of the week and a private plane so I can fly around and tell everyone how wonderful it is to be alive on this planet.” You get the picture. Kind of makes you want to vomit, doesn’t it? It happens every day. Every day, I hear these same stories.
So, where do we go with this? How do we get past this seemingly insurmountable barrier of pride to get to the true glory of humanity? Well, I didn’t make this up. The masters told us exactly how to do it. We give up our lust for wealth and focus on helping others to see their own potential.
Now, notice that I did not say GIVE UP YOUR WEALTH. That is nonsense. Jesus only asked the rich man to sell all he had and give to the poor and follow him to test to see if he would do it. He clearly showed he loved his wealthy life more than the momentary flush inside of him as the pure oxygen of spirituality was dumped upon the light of Christ within him. I said to give up your lust for wealth. Wealth will be yours beyond your will to spend it, but your lust for it will go away.
The fear you feel when you lust after it will go away. It cannot be taken from you, because it flows from the bounty of the universe with a passion that cannot be denied. Even lusting for that day will bring you down. It really is not complex.
The first order of business is to reclaim your own future. Nearly everyone on Earth has abdicated their own future to someone else. I think it is time that you take back your own sovereignty. It sounds hard, and I suppose on a mother-in-law level it is very hard. Mortals have expectations for you, and you have done a great job with that responsibility and duty.
There is, however, the plan of the those half-dozen men to crumble the sand castle and shove us all to the floor again. If you are sovereign and clear of the banking cabal, then you can fly free of the tree when it is felled and cut up into lumber to build the next 40-year empire for the ruling class. Government has stopped governing and started ruling, as predicted. If you’re free of this, you can determine your own future, and the wealth of the universe is yours to enjoy.
Thank you for listening and supporting X-Squared Radio.
Peace and Joy,
Brooks Agnew

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