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The Astrology of July 2013 Approximately
Quantum Leap
Recap – Toward a Deeper Understanding of the World
The chart for the 2nd half of 2013 combines a Kite, a supportive configuration, and a Grand Square, a massive blocking aspect. In the headlines, a non-stop mix of good news and bad news sows confusion. Conflicting signals abound. The world is rapidly becoming an unfamiliar place, increasingly difficult to understand.
The slow moving planets making up this Kite+ structure, including Jupiter, will maintain their relative positions thru mid-2014, at least, and the pervasive, complex transformations it brings will continue at least as long.

In the background, a more complex geometrical structure flashes in and out of existence, triggering even more rapid, higher levels of change.

Preparing for a Stress Test
Later in this decade, beginning in 2017 and culminating in 2020, Saturn and Pluto will conjoin. All the changes we make, all the solutions we find between now and then will be severely tested. In the meantime, this partly supportive, partly challenging structure will help us find solutions solid enough to survive the Saturn/Pluto test they must eventually face.
An Increasingly Puzzling World
Neither the Kite + T-Square combination nor the mix of supportive and enabling aspects are rare. But the duration of this particular aspect is. This influence, which went into effect in June 2013, will be in effect an unusually long time for such a structure.
Not just for a week or a month, but for months on end, the world will change without let up, becoming increasingly unrecognizable, hard to understand and harder to predict. With scarcely a break for us to catch up.
But our understanding of the world will nonetheless deepen as we try hard to resolve the conflicting signals and understand what we are seeing. Also, we can safely assume that a great deal of the confusion will result from people making deep, long-needed and lasting changes. Something to be grateful for.
It’s Complicated: Some Examples
This month, the Turkish people stood up to an authoritarian ruler; we see that as good news. But Turkey shares lengthy borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. It offers access to the Middle East, the states of the former USSR, Eastern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Mediterranean generally. So, considering how unpredictable revolutions are and how unmanageable their aftermaths, if it came to that, would revolution in Turkey be good news or bad news for the stability of the world?
Iran elected a new, moderate president; we see that as good news. But this seeming moderate, Hasan Rowhani, is subordinate to the same hardline clerics as his predecessor; he has been working closely with them for decades. He is also former chief of Iran’s national security council. How does all that square with the moderate label, exactly? How exactly will his approach differ from that of his hard line predecessor?


In June, on the micro-level, people successfully fulfilled long-time goals and turned a corner in life, only to find themselves facing a new set of challenges to overcome.
An acquaintance at work successfully ended a former marriage and began a new partnership, advancing from the challenges of divorce to the challenges of setting up a new home. I successfully retired, only to face the challenges of setting up a new life in retirement.
Up, Down and $ideways
Economic news is no less complicated and contradictory.
Last month, I noted that Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25th, beginning the US Jupiter return, among other good Jupiterian things. That seems like good news for the US economy. And because the US is one of the engines of global economy growth, good news for the world economy.
But Jupiter is an integral part of the Kite and its accompanying T-Square. We can expect genuine economic progress (the Kite); we can also expect economic turbulence (the T-Square) as long-standing economic issues come up for solution.

Jupiter is also part of the diamond tetrahedron, so whatever else happens, we can expect high level and confusing global economic changes.

And in fact, the economic headlines do conflict, even more than usual. Recently, experts forecast a faster than expected drop in unemployment in the US; the national debt is also falling faster than anticipated; health care costs have moderated.
But given the strengthening recovery, the Federal Reserve is planning to “taper” its so called quantitative easing program. The markets went into a tailspin. Different markets elsewhere in the world went into tailspins for their own combination of reasons.
Positive economic signals alongside negative economic signals, confusion all around.
Finessing July
For much of the last year and the first half of 2013, the charts brought identical themes repeatedly to the fore. For the foreseeable future we will not only see similar themes, with minor changes of focus, but a similar set of aspects, too.
This month, the influences we just described will be in effect again. This time the house placements point to an international focus, adding another strata of change. Working under constraints, with limited resources, people will adjust their lifestyles to synch with changing global attitudes and economic realities.
People at the grassroots, you and I, will no longer simply base our decisions on local and national events. We will naturally tend to think internationally.
It should be noted that Lilith, which governs feminine empowerment issues, is near the apex of the Kite+ in July.  We should expect the empowerment of the feminine to play an especially important role in these transformations and in shifting global attitudes.
For the most part, then, the themes and the aspects in July’s composite chart are already fairly familiar, and they are bound to recur in the future.
So, enough said said about July.
More Interesting Stuff
What I think is more interesting right now are the effects that more than a year and a half of this hyperchangeful influence will have. Doubtless the change will gain momentum as the months pass.
Beyond that, though, astrological patterns suggest that, at certain points throughout this period, the change will accelerate and escalate to seemingly impossible levels. The rate of change will reach warp speed.
Trend lines will veer off into hyperspace at faster than lightspeed. Complex, multi-leveled, multi-faceted changes will occur rapidly along with the stream of relatively more simple changes.
I believe the hyperchanges will be necessary to help the world pass the big Saturn/Pluto test that is coming at the end of the decade and is related to it. And that’s a good thing. But it probably won’t make coping with this change any easier.
Agent of Hyperchange
A reader contacted me recently about an unusual pattern that will take shape on July 29th, between about 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM GMT: a “diamond tetrahedron.”
Other bodies move around the Zodiac, too. As they do, the will build on the Kite and the T-Square, making this more elaborate pattern. The diamond tetrahedron will partially form and reform repeatedly all the while this Kite+ is in effect.
Not much is known about these elaborate geometrical structures and what I will present here are my own personal theories.
This diamond tetrahedron, in effect, will create a hyper-transformative field operating in the background. It will, I believe enable a whole different strata and scale of global change. It will go on at the same time as changes occurring on the micro-level and, most likely, complicate them even further.
A Wormhole  to the Future
Essentially, then, a lot of powerful planetary energy will be released in a coordinated and sustained manner. This will create an unusually rich, powerful energetic field affecting us all for a lengthy period, more heavily at some points than others.
That field will support rapid, complex transformations and the creation of unusually complex phenomena. Much the way unusually powerful and complex conditions in nature produce rare and unusual effects.
Governments can create vast new agencies and services. Expansive and inclusive international agreements can be reached. Elaborate new infrastructure can be put in place; futuristic, star trekky technological systems can be constructed and deployed. And so on.
And, indeed, in the US, Obamacare, will soon be fully implemented. Immigration reform might soon pass the US Congress with dramatic and sweeping effects. The immigration bill will provide for a high tech, nationwide system of identification that utilizes facial recognition software, for example.
The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), opening the way for national acceptance of gay marriage. This change will have sweeping effects on our culture, our politics and our economy and doubtless affect our standing in the world in numerous and varied ways.
It is quite possible that major new political parties will emerge or existing parties will undergo major changes. We are primed for major political developments, globally.
So while average individuals, acting singly or in small groups, are doing changeful things, powerful entities, like governments and corporations, will be making much bigger, more encompassing changes on their own levels.
I assume we can expect similar levels of change on a transnational level. Such changes are laying the foundations for a new stage in the development of global civilization.
And I have no doubt that the world’s growing number of spiritual aspirants will achieve important advances in coming months.
Change-Induced Vertigo
In plain English, the world will be vibrating like crazy and changing extremely faster than we can realistically track, on all levels. The effect will be to make the present largely unintelligible and the future, in large part, a confused blur of possibilities.
There will be so much change for so long, the world will lose definition, slipping out of synch with all existing definitions of the world. Our worldview, our operative assumptions about the world, will grow irrelevant and crumble before our eyes.
In the confusion, it will be very hard to tell whether world conditions are deteriorating or improving.

The individuals will be forced to make choices and keep our lives together and on track as best we can amidst an increasingly impenetrable confusion and profound confusion. And hope we will not regret the decisions we make when Saturn conjoins Pluto exactly in 2020.

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