dr-steven-greerDr. Steven Greer leads the
investigation into a mysterious
humanoid specimen found in
Chile’s Atacama Desert. With the
help of Dr. Garry Nolan and
Dr. Ralph Lachman of Stanford
University, he hopes to unravel
the enigma.
The six-inch tall hominid has 9%
non-human DNA – which is actually 
a lot of difference, considering that
we share about 88% of our genetics
with spiders!
It’ll take years for the scientists
currently studying the being’s DNA
to unravel what this 9% of difference
truly is – if not a massive constellation
of mutations, the amount of them
occurring in a single human being that
was able to survive to the age of 6-8 
years old making this quite unlikely.
There are stories of other similar beings
having been found in the same Atacama
region of Chile, as well as in Russia.
Dr. Garry Nolan at Stanford reveals
something very interesting when he says:
“Well, if there’s another one of these –
then, all best are off.” Which to me implies
that we would definitely be dealing with a 
species of hominid that is not human.
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