OK, I just want to go on record as saying this is not a topic for the “weak at heart.”  I have been aware of this for 15 years myself and remember how difficult it was to stomach….but it is true and there is a ton of evidence.  I am only posting this to reveal that the exposures are becoming the norm and what a wonderful state of progress we are in!  It can be painful at times but necessary to uncover the atrocities that take place on this planet!  All is being exposed, lifted, and eventually healed.

Posted on October 24, 2012

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UK Column TV exposes the BB☭’s dirty international subversive web of pedophile sex slave and pedophile snuff film trafficking for the whole World to take in in all its obscene horror!

FACT: The Illuminati create and use systemic pedophilia in order to bribe and blackmail power from the World’s most important institutions!

What terrible end game strategy can the NWO World hijack mafia be planning to crash Western Civilization into?!!……