The Book of Shi-Ji – Audio Book – Pleiadian Channeling – International Bestseller

Aug 25, 2017

The Book of Shi-Ji – International Bestseller From the 24th of November 2014, to the 2nd of December 2014, this book was wrote through Pete in nine hours over nine days, by Shi-Ji, who is a Light Being and a gate keeper of the portal in the star Merope, in the Pleiades. In this book is messages for those who decide to read it, and with it comes knowledge of coming times and an overview of what’s to come not only for Humanity, but for the Universe and beyond as a collective, and a greater understanding of how your only judge is yourself, that you are all unconditionally loved and a cell of Source. Also messages on behalf of the Elohim, Metatron and The Councils are given in this book from Shi-Ji, along with messages from Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades and the Star Nations. Get your FREE PDF copy now at… Or get your e-book, Kindle or Paperback copy today and support Pete by going to these links… Or Amazon… iTunes… Barnes & Noble… Lulu Facebook…