Many years ago I advised all my subscribers to GET OUT of “their” system. This meant all stocks, bonds, 401ks, IRA’s checking accounts, savings accounts…ALL OF IT.
bix weirMy reasoning was simple…the banks are insolvent and once that is understood the derivative meltdown would destroy every financial institution in it’s path.
Many decided to simply remove themselves from their brokerage houses by taking delivery of their share certificates thinking that they would be able to claim ownership after the crash because they held their original certificates of ownership.
What they didn’t understand is that there ARE NO CERTIFICATES OF OWNERSHIP that will survive the crash because the fraud is pervasive and complete throughout the system. Millions of fraudulent “certificates” for every one that is official. Whose are real and whose are not? Nobody knows and nobody will ever know.
Hence the latest FIRE in the basement of the DTCC!
I have updated my latest article here for Private Road Members…
So Dark is the Con at the DTCC!
I’ll send out my analysis of the latest con next week.
Bix Weir
*May the Road you choose be the Right Road.