The Dollar Vigilante

Published on Feb 11, 2018

Jeff Berwick interviews Simon Dixon, CEO and co-founder of Bnk To The Future, topics include: scaling is the biggest issue in Bitcoin now, policy and regulation key, crypto currencies and blockchain tech can no longer be ignored, Bitcoin still the most decentralized, actually a healthy development environment, the role of Bitcoin Cash, the ICO market, Bnk to the Future’s early involvement, ICOs taken over investment equity markets, bigger than IPOs now, soon to be listed as securities, a new legal framework, regulated and unregulated tokens, defining tokens legally, the Bnk to the Future ICO, a new generation of investors , a token security trading platform, a strange and crazy new and free market, tokens never die, this is changing the world! Find out all about the ICO at Bnk to the Future: Catch the Anarchapulco live stream here: Join the Anarchapulco pool party: Catch the Anarchapulco live stream here: