In this segment of the Citizens Hearing
for UFO Disclosure, held earlier this
month at the National Press Club in
Washington, DC, we learn that for the
past several decades, UFOs have been
shutting off nuclear warheads and the
suspected reason for this is that whoever
is shutting them off would prefer for us
to get rid of our nuclear weapons.

Also, former Alaska Senator and US

Presidential Candidate, Mike Gravel
acknowledges the existence of a space-
based military force, tasked with defending
the space above airspace.

In the ensuing discussion as to why this

information has been withheld from the
public, the answer offered is that those
who have access to the antigravity and
other back-engineered alien technologies
is due to the power these afford them and
basic, human greed.

Video (5:35 mins):
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Alexandra Bruce