Thanks to Kassandra dahlink for this one!  Way to go Dave to compile all of this information together…kind of like my Cobra interviews!-A.M.

The Event Update

The  EVENT-OMETER : now in action : All tallies need to be 100% for the event to take place : 

David Wilcock’s latest release on Divine Cosmos was good but did not really show how soon the event will be so on that note here is the score sheet:


1) Financial 35% in the bag 65% to go: as Basel III is still not live as plans to ease the big bang of financial disaster is in the mix, This is key to global disclosure: When the money goes down then  everything goes down as “It is all about Gold”: Michael Tellinger and the UBUNTU Party are really making life as a Bankster unbearable in South Africa : Europe and USA need to follow suite: Put simply, it is not unbearable for any major corrupt bankster in the West just yet and that is our problem.

banksters (1)

2) Mass Global Arrests  & The Collapse of the Evil Vatican : 40% in the bag as 60% to go as Kevin Annett Joins forces in Italy with ITCCS. Many more new branches in Europe open up to rid this planet of the most evil organization on the Planet : Expect more news soon as Unconfirmed reports suggest #2 Cardinal Bertone has resigned. The Mass Arrests is looking good though and deep down There is terrific movement in low-mid key arrests : big name arrests keep this total estimate at 60%. Just 10 high profile arrests would seriously dent this total.


3) Main stream media disclosure  10% ( yes sickening isn’t it) as 90% to go : The Media is controlled by the financial gangsters and will not buckle until the financial system total self implodes expect no real improvement soon and Expect an influx of Vomit worthy lies and side shows to keep you distracted from the real on-going, Trickle fed improvements are expected as bit by bit the mainstream does let some intel leak. Areas of locked lies : Galactic presence : Free Energy and Teleportation : Truth about wars and finance : Truth about who owns them : Truth about governments and Royalty: Financial reality & Health Cures. Remember EVERY major  TV station owns a major Pharmaceutical company.


4) Pedophilia disclosure : 15% in the bag 85% to go : this is a bad one as Ken Barlow is listed : This is a con trick as Ken Barlow was speaking out against the cabal 18 months ago, So now he is framed : This is how the evil bastards work : more needed : Lots of hard work to go before this avenue has any major leading name from government : The UN is total pedo run So are the Main TV studios Police, Law and government offices, Social services, Jails and Mental institutes need breaking down too in no less than 80% countries of the planet> Expect no real news until Financial collapse who fund these institutes of child genocide and torture and juvenile sexual torture: The True Gary Speed story is a good one to research on this matter.

Thatcher and savile

5) Weather weapons : 20% in the bag 80% to go as Europe is covered head to foot in Chemtrails and HAARP AMISR EINSCAT Microwaving of the skies creating all the flooding Ice and tornadoes Globally : Most bad weather events just now are politically orchestrated : These evil institutes have seasons as we move into the Atlantic hurricane season and fires : expect much more bad news before it gets better : Iceland’s Volcanoes Too will be targets  as they offer to help Edward  Snowdon with Asylum.

SBX Mobile

6) Food & water global  Poisoning exposure : 60% in the bag not much more to go 40% as protests now lead to people all over Europe and South Americas wising up about MONSANTO ( MY SATAN) and their poisoning and all the company associates of food poisoning get out to the caring folks : Bill & Linda Gates can still stand on TV spewing their  lies and money all over vaccinations and shares of Monsanto : Expect no more real change here until the Charity’s of the Royal Society have the funds cut for Black Opp’s, as that is what they are “Black ops funders”: Stop paying your taxes and TV licences They are unlawful.

against monsanto

7) Galactic Disclosure : 5% Only : So far to go and any release is governed by the mass control freaks : Even the Sirius movie was controlled as was the Citizen tribunal : Very very embarrassing : 95% remaining and the only change expected is very little : This entire subject needs regrouping from a none cabalistic hijacked stand point : Only Alfred Webre and Laura Eisenhower and YOU the people appear to be Trustworthy sources these days as many other alternative media sources appear to be cloned or secretly controlled on this issue:

Old and new

8) Galactic Field of presence : 80% in the bag 20% to go : very good movement in this front as world UFO ( OVNI) citing are now an every day event and very eye-opening and non-debunkable: It is increasingly easier to speak in the public eye about this to even the unacknowledged. Expect more on this in the next month.


9) Medical disclosure : 75% 3/4′s There : Cancer Aids Morgellons Limes disease and Crohn’s all now curable : but new viruses being released every week by the cabal as they lift the lids off all the laboratory viruses they have been covertly working on: Expect new viruses in Africa and Arabia and Asia and Americas continents this month. Remember Virus spreading is a False flag event in itself like Aids and Sars, all of course linked to the Global genocidal vaccination program.

Gates with a Pie

10) False Flags 75% there  : The Event-ometer suggests that we are 3 massive false flags ( not dumbass bad acted shootings and beheading fear porn) away from THE EVENT for sure : Expect another Tsunami or major weather event that is crippling to air travel or shipping. Also expect Food and Oil to double before the event as a clear sign of change. Countries to expect a major False Flag:  Scotland, Ireland : Central USA and California : Turkey of course : and Spain/ Portugal: Japan and South Korea: Canada: Germany is also a good bet because of the gold crisis in Mali connection.

Crisis actors no blood

EVENT-OMETER Scores Conclusion : 20% : please be aware of exponential growth which means that the event could be triggered by just one more mini-event ( financially orchestrated).

Financially dictated then the event is much less than half way there : so for record purposes 20% is called:

Expect only big swings in finance to change this : No false flag will change the rating nor will a massive galactic presence in your skies : 

The Governments need to collapse as do the people controlling them : This means they need to be starved of money as with  the TV corporations : This will collapse the house of cards:

Here a common sence approach by Paul Hellyer ( Canada Defense Minister ) tells us as it is and how we should be going about cleaning the mess up, as if the government leaders of the worlds were just dog dirt needing a wipe over : He is so right:

‘Jail the Banksters like Iceland Do’ is the Message:

Please remember ‘The Event’ is actually happening right now.

Like the school teacher getting caught having sex with a younger by just one pupil of 1500 who has told maybe just 4 other pupils, because it has been covered up, does not mean the truth will be withheld forever.

It is only now a matter of time:

All will be revealed and soon.

Namaste Dave.