In church today, the minister told of a motivational speaker who appeared to be the epitome of vibrant health. She told her audience that she hadn’t always been so fit. In fact, she had lost upwards of one hundred twenty-five pounds through diet and exercise. When a member of the audience asked her if she still had cravings for “bad” food, she acknowledged that she did. However, she resisted those cravings thanks to what she called the Fifteen Minute rule.

Whenever she wanted to eat something she knew she shouldn’t, she told herself she could have it as long as she first waited fifteen minutes. Typically, she’d get a phone call or some other interruption that distracted her from her craving, or the craving would simply go away on its own. On the days she didn’t feel like exercising, she told herself she would only do so for fifteen minutes and then give herself the option of stopping. But typically, she’d feel so much better after fifteen minutes of exercise that she’d continue.

I like it! The Fifteen Minute rule works because anyone can wait fifteen minutes before they eat. Exercising for just fifteen minutes seems doable too because anyone can get through anything if they know they only have to tough it out for fifteen minutes.

Give it a try! Who knows? You may just change your life in fifteen-minute increments!


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