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The Green Beautiful – a movie review
Posted by: Kavita Chandrashekhar in Fiction 1 Comment

A beautiful story strongly encompassing the need to bring a spiritual balance of ecology, love and compassion in today’s world. Originally in French, the movie’s protagonist is Mila who is half earthling and half alien! She lives on a planet far away from ours much more spiritually advanced and ecologically balanced. The alien planet wants to send a representative to Earth to make a check of developments here and gauge the energy levels. What happens after that is what you will know when you watch the movie!

The Green Beautiful has already won many awards at International film festivals, however every aware individual must watch it to connect to the simplicity of our life and what magic it can bring to our planet!
The movie effortlessly brings out the loop-side of our ecological and economical system. And how we are projecting our fears to each other. I feel that if you are here to make a difference to this planet by helping it become more peaceful and greener, The Green Beautiful will help you open your mind to unexplored possibilities. The movie may appear to be fictional, but the story tugs the strings of your heart. A big thumbs-up to portray Eco-conservation in such a special way!
Watch the Movie on Youtube (in 9 parts) or on Google Video (complete).
Original Title: La Belle Verte
Starring: Coline Serreau, Vincent Lindon
Run Time: 99 mins

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Published on Mar 16, 2012


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