Bill Ballard – Drunvalo Is Now Teaching The Heart Activation Merkabah Method – 4 October 2012

Drunvalo is now teaching the heart activation Merkabah method that I have been teaching more than 3 years now.

I’d say it takes a bit more than a workshop to accomplish though…. and those results depends directly on just how intently the subject desiring this is focused upon that mission. You will know you are there by being in a perpetual state of bliss, like a never ending cosmic orgasm…

Peeps are finding out now when those older teachers as Drunvalo are now doing it! THAT heart activation on a mass scale is how we will complete the changing of our planet which will bring us into New Earth! Cooleo.

Bill Ballard






By Phoenix Rising Star

Please understand this is not a commercial for Awakening the Illuminated Heart. This is an opportunity to answer questions I and other facilitators have been getting, to clear up any misunderstandings, and to provide you, the reader, with the best information so you can make the most appropriate choices for yourself.

As both a Flower of Life Meditation facilitator and an Awakening the Illuminated Heart Certified Teacher, I have had a chance to learn both Merkabas and study their effects. I have had conversations with other facilitators about this, and have been asked quite a few questions from people wanting to know the differences.

The most obvious question I and other facilitators have been asked is this:

So first we had the Flower of Life Meditation that created a Merkaba, our energy field, our path to ascension.

Now we’re being told that there’s a NEW Merkaba that is even better than that.

What’s the difference?

First, the similarities. Both Merkabas are energy fields around our body. Both are pathways to ascension. Both are created through a meditative process.

Now the differences:

1. Polarized VS. Unified. The Flower of Life Meditation teaches people how to create a brain-based Merkaba. Yes, it is a field of love. Yes, it feels like real love. But this love is generated from the right brain, the emotional side of the brain. And because the brain is a polarized organ, anything it creates will be what is desired…..and what is not desired.

Polarity creations produce polarity results.

You may not realize it at first. You may think everything is going along just fine. And then out of the blue, comes the opposite.

Drunvalo likes to use the example of James Ray, the self help motivational speaker. While facilitating a retreat to extend people beyond their perceived boundaries, three people died. And many more experienced trauma and injuries. Certainly he didn’t set out to deliberately create this. Certainly he thought he was creating his life of motivating people through expensive seminars. What he experienced was the polar effects of creating from the brain.

The heart-based Merkaba is a natural field of love from an organ that is not polarized. It is a single organ. It knows no judgment. It knows no pretense. It knows only love, truth, beauty, trust, peace, harmony, and reverence. (Note the star gate energies?) So when you create from the heart, you get your desired intentions: Or something better.

Why worry about creation? Because as we move to the fourth dimension, we will be creating our own reality. It’s much easier to learn how to create now, from a loving unified field that produces our intentions, than to force ourselves to learn from our mistakes.

Which would you rather have?

2. Role of the Ego vs. Role of the Heart. The Flower of Life Meditation, because it is generated from the brain, can create an illusion of ordinary reality around you. All the while disguising the needs of the ego under a field of love. The needs of the ego include safety, control, and recognition. The ego craves these, and if it doesn’t have them, will shut down, attack or try to demonstrate dominance.

So think about this for a minute.

What could this look like? A person who is trying to convince you they are in a loving state, filled unconditionally with appreciation for all life, yet all the while creating a reality that serves only his/her needs?

Please understand that just because one is practicing the Flower of Life Meditation doesn’t mean one is automatically in this category of ego dominance. But it is more likely to happen from a brain-based field, and something to recognize when you see it.

The heart-based Merkaba is a genuine field of love. This is our journey, to live from that place. When we’re there, we hold no judgment. We honor truth. Non-truth or deception doesn’t align with us, and can’t be tolerated. This field of love understands and accepts that we are all where we need to be, for our highest good and healing. And sometimes we are in a tough place, but it’s what we chose for our learning and moving forward. We have compassion towards others, especially those who are suffering, abused, or maligned. The heart creates opportunities that are for the greatest good for all concerned. The heart knows no self-aggrandizement.

Again, our journey is to learn to live from that place, and most of us are not completely there yet. But it’s easy to spot when we’re genuinely in our heart, and when we’re not.

And which would you rather experience?

3. Mechanism. The Flower of Life Meditation utilizes hand mudras, eye motions, concentration, breathing, and visualization. When first learned, it must be practiced daily in order to create a mature field. The mature field can take up to two years to produce. Then it no longer needs as much maintenance, or at least in the same way. Let’s face it, it’s a challenging meditation to learn.

The heart-based Merkaba will automatically over-ride the previous Merkaba, if desired and allowed by the individual creating it. This merkaba automatically is activated as a mature merkaba, with less maintenance, no mudras, special breathing, or visualization. Programming is practically instant and profound. And this merkaba is much easier to create and to learn.

Which would you rather learn?

4. Trinity. In the Flower of Life Meditation, we always began with the Unity Breath, the bringing in of father, mother, child love within the heart.

And we do that with the heart-based Merkaba.

But what is different for me, at least, is that with the heart-based Merkaba, the trinity of love with the father, mother, child is unified and completely embodied.

We are one with the father and the mother.

We are the child.

This love is not outside of us, but within us and through us.

We are love.

And the heart-based Merkaba cannot exist without this embodiment of love.

5. Personal results. My personal experience with the Flower of Life meditation was having glorious results and opportunities for living my soul purpose. Sometimes the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. Sometimes the scariest. Definitely overall wonderful.

My personal experience with the heart-based Merkaba has yielded glorious results and opportunities for living my soul purpose. I haven’t had any difficult or scary opportunities yet. I don’t intend to. I intend only ease and grace and that which is for my highest good and healing and that of everyone around me.

And it’s happening.


Which would you choose?

The next big question I and other facilitators are frequently asked is this:

So if this heart-based merkaba is so great, why didn’t Drunvalo teach this to begin with?

With all due respect, that is kind of like asking why are we teaching adding and subtracting before multiplying and dividing.

This is how Drunvalo explains it. He said when the angels first brought the Merkaba meditation to humanity, it was heart-based. And only females seemed to be interested in learning it. That wasn’t good. This meditation was intended for all humanity. But males, because of their brain-based dominance, were not interested in learning it.

So the angels made a change. They brought in the brain-based Merkaba to introduce the concept and get more people, especially men, involved. That appeared to work, as the percentage of men learning the meditation actually increased. The angels decided that maybe humanity hadn’t been as ready for the heart-based Merkaba as they thought.

Now, the angels feel humanity is more ready, more open, and has healed heart trauma sufficiently to open their hearts and live from their hearts. Now humanity is ready for the heart-based Merkaba.

For me, the difference is like comparing the first IPad with the latest generation. The first one had no USB ports, no cameras, and was nothing more than a large IPOD. The latest generation has 2 cameras, better pixel resolution, and 4G capability. The first one got us interested. The second one has better bells and whistles and is faster. I know which one I want! Do you?

The last question we frequently are asked is this:

How can I activate my heart based Merkaba? (Even if I already have a Merkaba or if I don’t?)

Like Drunvalo says, you can take a workshop with him or an Awakening the Illuminated Heart Certified Facilitator. Or you could join the Kogi’s and be in the dark for nine days without food or water. Or you could try Claudette’s Blue School Creation Methods. Or ask your higher self. Maybe there’s another way.

Which do you choose?

The bottom line is we usually don’t make a change in our life unless something inside us guides us, or we’re uncomfortable where we are. When you are ready for a change, you might consider trying the heart-based Merkaba, just to see what it does for you. After all, there’s no shame or blame in change. Think of it as an upgrade.

Hopefully this helps answer your burning questions.
Respectfully yours,
Phoenix Rising Star

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Ascension And The Merkaba

Uploaded on 4 June 2012 by  

Around the world, so much is misunderstood about the Mer-Ka-Ba, the light body created by the brain that surrounds the physical body. And how the Mer-Ka-Ba is involved with ascension into a new world is also misunderstood. In this audio, we will explain essential parts of this knowledge, and also why the Mer-Ka-Ba was altered in the way that we activate it around our body. It is no longer activated manually as it was with the Flower of Life, but is now activated in the ancient manner through the heart, which is so much easier. This new/ancient teaching is called Awakening The Illuminated Heart.

What we have to say in this audio I hope will assist you in remembering the true knowledge of the heart/Mer-Ka-Ba integration, and how this will eventually lead you into a new Earth, and a new way of existing.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

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