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After listening to the interview below with James Gilliland (, I made the conscious decision to share an experience I had in Los Angeles, CA on February 17, 2013. 

I was contacted to “support” and “shield” some people who were asked to cap off or shut down a supposed major Archon portal.  What was allegedly a  singular portal for incoming Archonic activity on the west coast proved to be ten portals of the most vile and darkest activity I have ever experienced consciously in this lifetime.  I saw myself in my mind’s eye as invincible – knowing that I walked in The Light with solid intentions and unwavering motivations.  Because I chose to do this for the sake of the planet I had no fear, for that is why I am here…that is my mission…I am here to assist the ascension process and bring the City of Light network into a reality in our dimension.  I reminded myself that after all, my namesake Alexandra means “helper of mankind,” and it felt exhilarating that I was stepping into this role even more so.

Standing inside these portals was like standing on top of a geyser, but instead of water shooting out, there was a upsurge of an inexplicable force rushing through my legs and up through my body.  The current was so severe I almost collapsed several times, finding myself standing with my legs hip width apart to prevent a fall.  Now I know some of you will think that this should not have entered my body, but because I am a Guardian, we transmute, we don’t deflect.  It is wired in our DNA.  As it was happening, I continued to keep my sites on the twelve pointed star we had formed etherically , pumping more and more Light into it, myself, and the area.

As if that wasn’t exhausting enough, the walk to clear additional energies on the periphery of the portal lasted for over 3 1/2 hours afterwards.  My legs were painfully spasming and I felt all of my prior injuries from the ill fated car accident of 2001 surface.  My body felt like that of a tree trunk.  The pain was extremely uncomfortable and I thought to myself, “I need minerals.”  I had difficulty breathing as did others, and several felt faint and nauseous.

But at the same time my naivete to participate in this sort of event of unprecedented dark opposition became evident.   This decision only magnified the already intense energies Light Workers and Light Warriors are experiencing right now.  We are at the height of the “Armageddon” and as I lay in bed, crashed and burned from this experience, I had to step back to observe why this had been brought into my life.  I literally could not move for over 36 hours, I had no appetite and vomited violently.  While going through this experience, I realized my physical body was reacting to the dark energies I was exposed to, telling me that “she” could not stomach them either.  

The Archonic attack became a nonstop barrage, lasting off and on for days.  They began to work through my husband as well, who I literally saw convert into someone I did not know.  I frantically sought out additional protection techniques as well as upping my state of inner peace.  I continuously called on my Higher Self, Mother Father God, The Ascended Masters, and all other Light Beings who typically work with me.  I called in The Guardians for protection and The Ancient Ones for help…and then the phone began to ring.  Several people called me out of left field, offering me healings and support as I was incapable of working on myself.

Due to the amount of blogging I do, I ran across Lisa Renee’s expose’ on ascension and initiations into the higher dimensional levels.  You can watch it here:  I incessantly came across pieces of information, videos, and articles which all gave me insight into this occurrence.  I was reminded by Cobra and Rob that this is the most intense period in time for Archonic activity, from now through November of this year.   I began to see this experience for what it truly was.

One of Lisa’s comments was that we tend to experience severe psychic attack at the times when we are going through an initiation, ascending from one dimensional level to another.  In her presentation she clarified that this ascension we speak so often about is not just about moving from the 4th to the 5th, the 6th to the 7th,  but even the 8th to the 9th dimensional levels.  As you move up the ladder, the initiations become even more intense, and typically you are attempting to release and perfect a specific virtue you feel you need for your ascension process.

I just wanted to share this experience with you so that we as the Ground Crew can take off the blinders, convincing ourselves that these darker entities or events don’t exist if we don’t focus on them or give them energy.  I was “warned” through my inner Guidance that these energies would target our weaknesses.  And while we are in a physical body, we all have them.  Please don’t misunderstand me!  Obviously we don’t want to sit around all day chatting about “them”, nor do you want to walk right into their “camp” like I did.  But at the same time, we ALL need to be more aware and awake of their influences on ourselves, our thoughts, our loved ones, and our lives.  The Light Workers of the world are leading the way for the rest of humanity, and you can bet that the Archons will be drawn to all of us who shine our light brightly.  We need no fear, just vigilance to up our protection techniques.

So I felt compelled to share these with you, hoping it offers a new perspective.  Some of you already use specific protection techniques, but for those who need a refresher course, I am adding them to this article.

1) Continuously recite the following prayer at least 12 times. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth (means: Holy, holy, holy Lord of Hosts) Envision yourself creating the already forming vortex around you, seeing all dark thoughts, beings, etc absorbed by this vortex and sent back to Mother Father God.

2) Take baths daily in 2 cups of Himalayan sea salts.  If you can’t take a bath, wash your body off with sea salts when showering for 3 minutes.

3) Perform the Violet Flame – visualize yourself sitting in the middle of it, where it extends all the way to Mother Father God and all the way down to the center of the planet.

4) Encapsulate the Violet Flame with the Electronic Circle of Mighty I AM Presence pulsating with an electronic vibration.  This is your electronic shield.  See that nothing can penetrate it and will be repelled if not of The Light.

5) Encapsulate the Mighty I Am Presence with a blue tube of light which adds additional protection from interference.

6) Then add the Cloak of Invisibility all around the Mighty I Am Presence.  Choose a location where you will do this each day and see yourself etherically stepping away to observe yourself.  See that you truly have become invisible.  CAUTION: Be careful of using this on the road!!!

7) Once this is all completed state “It is Done.”

8) Sage or smudge your home, car, and office regularly.  It is important to not only burn the sage, but proclaim that “all negativity or dark thoughts, beings, or constructs be removed and returned back to Mother Father God to be used for a more positive productive energy.”

9) You can also surround yourself in a circle of salt, proclaiming your are protected and pulling down your shield as well.

10)Have no doubts that you are protected.  You must have absolute faith in yourself!

11) Have no fear.  Just take action!

12) Stand in your I Am Presence with Authority and Command all Archonic activity be removed now!

13) Come from your heart of love, where your proclamation will act like a laser beam to create that outcome.

14) Stay away from anyone who tells you that you are not powerful.

15) Envision a grid of protective light around you, shaped like an egg, above your head and below your feet.

The list can go on and on, and I encourage you all to write in about what you use to proclaim your protection, especially when you feel under duress.  Please drop me an e-mail at the contact us tab to let me know what techniques you use so that we can all help one another get through one of the most intense periods of this incarnation.  Yes, these energies are very invigorating, but we also need to stop our complacency and become more vigilant throughout this dismantling process of The Matrix.

Please take the time to listen to James’ interview below….

Sending all of you love,


James Gilliland of Eceti Ranch: UFO’s, Archon Race of ET’s & The War in the Heavens

By The Truth Denied on March 26, 2013 at 9:51 PM

Guest:  James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch where UFO’s and ET’s abound!

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March 26, 2013

Tonight we discussed the importance of the human evolution, and as we evolve as a species, another ET species invades our planet & and they want to destroy us all. Who are “they”?

They are known as the ET Archon Race. James explains to us that humanity is under attack, especially with light workers. Why the light workers?

 James remarked

“I am getting so many emails and phone calls from light workers, who are wondering what is going on. They are getting hammered with darker energies than ever before and they are calling us for help. As light workers reach higher vibration, it seems that the ET Archon’s  know that it is over for them, and they are fighting and clinging to their lives!”

I must admit, it has been looking fairly bleak around the planet, but seriously, what can each of us do about it?

James expresses that in order for us  to survive and evolve, we need to understand this deeper meaning of life, stop looking at the external, the ladder of success is not all that’s it’s cracked up to be. Perhaps we are  be going through a type of cleansing, and in some cases it is a difficult road to traverse the side effects of  deep sadness that he and others are experiencing during these “attacks”.

There is however HOPE!

We must move towards this higher LOVE and begin the focus of taking care of each other as best we can. This is an inside journey, the greatest journey of our soul!  Gilliland also mentioned that we really and truly are not alone, because besides having each other, there are a plethora of ET races that are simply sick and tired of seeing us under attack and they are here now to aid humanity in this quantum Leap of Evolution.  Many races of beings are here helping our planet right now, aiding in humanities transformation of change. We are NOT ALONE!

Please listen to the entire one hour show! Be nothing less than inspired!

Play the show now! And may the force be with you!


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