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HJ: This recent message from Cosmic Awareness is, as usual, fascinating and thought provoking.  I am sure many will find that it resonates deeply with them and kindles their soul memory of lifetimes past.  I have personally had this experience many times while reading through this and other messages describing past civilizations and soul groups.  What does that feel like?  I usually get a major energy surge in the form of the ‘chills’ and a profound remembrance accompanied with vivid visual imagery of the scenes being described.  It is a powerful feeling of connection and heightened sensitivity.  It is truly unmistakable, as those who have experienced it can attest to.

For the sake of others who may doubt their own personal experience, if you have any type of remembering experience when reading this material, please share it in the comments below so that others may learn and grow.  It is oftentimes the experience of others that helps us to further trust ourselves.  We have been breed to doubt the inner experience in the West and sometimes we need a community of support to help us trust ourselves and our intuition.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: Thank you. EL also writes,” I also wanted to ask Awareness if I am a Star Being. I asked about this openly and the word ‘Elohim’ came to my mind. Is that possible?”


COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness will confirm that this individual is what is known as a Star Being, and the Elohim were those in the earliest times of manifestation of this earthly planet who came onto the planet to have a physical earthly experience, and they have moved on in their evolutionary process and are often associated with the gods, or the God Essence, and this is somewhat different than the Star Being concept.


At this time on Mother Earth, there are many Star Beings who have volunteered to be present during this time of Ascension, this shift in consciousness. They are of the Galactic Federation, who have determined and decided that they would be part of the evolutionary process, and many of them have been involved, not only at this time, at this critical juncture of spiritual evolution, but have been involved in humanity’s journey from the earliest times, even from the time of the Elohim, who were of a nature of Spirit, having an early physical experience on the planet.


Mostly it is seen that the Galactic Federation beings who have agreed to physical incarnation in Mother Earth’s journey and in the journey of humanity have been active in more modern historical times. They are those who were also the Essenes, who in the time of Jesus knew that a shift in consciousness was about to occur through a process that was long in coming. It was not simply that the Essenes came together and created a community that Mary and Joseph were a part of, but it  extended backward in time, and many of the early prophets in the Old Testament were of the Essene order, building up this knowing of a time coming when a Messiah would appear as the Bible states, as that which occurred.


The Essenes on the whole were Star Beings, beings of the Galactic Federation who have volunteered many times to incarnate to assist Mother Earth and fledgling humanity to a point where Ascension could finally occur. It might be accurate, in a manner of speaking, to say that this is the first Ascension in mass numbers to occur, the first Ascension for the planetary consciousness that is Mother Earth to a much higher state of conscious perception and awareness, to that which is 5th dimensional or spiritual.


The forces known as the Galactic Federation have seen these events in the future, from when they were scenes of the past, when they were of the Egyptian dynasties, when they were in their Greek incarnations, when they were in their Sumerian lifetimes, and they understood that this polarized planet, this dualistic reality would one day come down to a point of decision, where those who would choose to reach higher, expanded consciousness, would have the opportunity to do so; and they have come in numbers at this time to become part of the evolutionary process, to assist those who are Terran in nature, those who have started their physical incarnations on Mother Earth, Terra, to assist them in the process of spiritual evolution to this point where Ascension now lies immediately ahead, and in the Ascension process allows those who have been seeking this experience, including Mother Earth, to move into the experience and to experience it fully.


There are also those who are to experience it partially, who are not ready to ascend, but are ready to have an experience on a planet that is ascending, and humanity that has the potential to ascend. This is so that in future lifetimes, thousands of years ahead, they may then at that time be ready for their own personal Ascension process. The ones of the Galactic Federation, including the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Vegans, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and others not mentioned, are here as part of the Galactic Federation; the Venusians are also included in this mix.


They are all volunteers that have elected to come into physical life and form to be part of these times and most of the Cosmic Awareness Communications community are those that this Awareness would call Star Beings, who have as their initial point of entry into those planetary systems, those points of origin that are part of the Galactic Federation, that have been involved in the evolutionary process towards spiritual achievement on a global level as well as Mother Earth herself, for many, many lifetimes, and it is not simply in this lifetime that most find themselves and are awakening to their deeper truth of their origins, but they have been involved in many other lifetimes where they are part of groups who are helping to shift consciousness, such as the Essenes were in the historical times of Jesus the Christed One.


This is therefore a situation that many feel within themselves that they have another home; they come from another place. More often it is an experience of feeling out of place, and many have had this experience where they feel out of place on planet Earth in contrast to those who seem very comfortable on a physical polarized planet of a dualistic nature, and this too is an indicator for many that they are Star Beings, for even though they have agreed to be physically present at this time, it is still a difficult sojourn for them for the energy of consciousness that is prevalent on Mother Earth at this time is very oppressive and dense to those who are of a more refined spiritual nature.


Also, this has to do with the matter of the situation being that for most Galactic Federation members and beings, they have already experienced Ascension processes on their own home planets and in their own home systems. Thus those who are of the Galactic Federation forces have a much more high spiritual understanding and awareness, which is why they are trying to guide the children of Mother Earth and the child planet Mother Earth forward to a new level of understanding and maturity, for they too have gone through such stages, and they too recognize their connection with others of human form.


The Galactic Federation are those who are of a humanoid form. Of the 12 planets that hosted human life, the human experience, Mother Earth is known as the Child Planet, the youngest of all who has now reached that point of departure from the state of childhood into the state of adolescence, the next level of conscious awareness and understanding. Those who are part of the Galactic Federation of beings have proceeded through such stages previously and are involved in helping Mother Earth in her Ascension process as well as humanity itself.


The individual questioner herself is part of this grand collective, part of this ascended level of understanding and consciousness, and is here to assist the many who are here to move, and is one of the Star Nations Beings who has had her own experiences in the oppressive dense nature of physicality but has always understood that she is not simply of this nature, and has come from somewhere else. This Awareness confirms for her and to all others who have always had such an experience that they are indeed members of the Galactic Federation forces and they are Star Beings.

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