Published on May 24, 2016

Rex Bear of The Leak Project interviews Alexandra Meadors of

Few Questions asked during the interview and topics discussed.
1. Brief description of your background
2.When you got into that car wreck, did you have a NDE?
3.Implant Removal
4.Soul Alignment
5.Fragmenting the Soul
6.Most humans born with ethereal implants “14”
7.ET’s feed of of ectoplasm
8.Hollywood Mind Control = Industry used to control minds of the masses
9.Clandestine hybridization program
10.Soul cube discussed by John Lear & Military Research, representing the centurion life style, the prison which they want us to remain inside. This has been referenced in the Borg Cube, The Hellraiser Box, etc…
11.Transhuman & Transgender movement being used to confuse the masses, especially the younger generations. Example, remember the Wachovia Brothers? They are now the Wachovia Sisters.

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