What is Light?

Spiritual light in cupped handsLight is a form of consciousness. It is the eternal energy that connects everything in the universe. Is synthesized from higher vibrational frequencies. Light is unconditional love.

At times, enlightened souls incarnated on earth to help humanity to move towards better times …


Enlightened souls with special abilities, who voluntarily incarnate to help humanity to heal from the effects of fear …
The souls are awakened slowly, out of the vicious circle of desires for “material goods” that pervades our world. Realizing the particular qualities with which they are endowed (telepathy, power of thought, healing abilities, etc.), move and live in love and light and through teaching, healing, prayer, writing, public discourse and crowd other ways, and try to influence other people to do the same.

Realize that their mission is to help their fellow human beings to feel the true meaning of love and to learn to love, after becoming the first same as shining examples of selfless love …

The souls are joined with other awakened souls “light workers” around the planet and create positive energy, affecting the planet and all of humanity, in order to bring happiness and harmony in relations between people and their relationship with the planet Earth.

– The incarnations of these enlightened souls have intensified in recent decades and that a great wave of “light workers” are more than 30 years, having come voluntarily to help prepare for the “spiritual rebirth”
You are also one lightworker if:

– Freely assume the call to treat your fellow human beings.
– Believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation.
– You have had mystical experiences such as psychic premonitions or angelic contacts.
– You have experienced harsh life experiences, which anakatifthinan your connection to the divine.
– You want to cure your own life, as a first step to heal the world.
– Feel compelled to write, teach or advise on your treatment experiences,
and finally, if
– You know that you are here to serve a higher purpose, even if you still do not know how it will achieve.

The Lightworker is a single unit that chose a particular set of experiences that will help accelerate the cleansing, healing and transformation / transubstantiation of the old fear-based state of consciousness, as prevalent throughout the mass consciousness .
In other words, you came here to make a difference in the world.
Existed before this incarnation and will continue to exist after this.
The memory of previous incarnations and experiences is temporarily covered with a veil, as incarnated in a physical body. The need for this is, that we must fully integrate and become part of human existence, so that you can speed up the” changes”, derived from the inner self. If embodies all conscience, will remain a mere observer rather than an active unit.

There is a great awakening and activity that occurs on earth, here and now. Many people are open to spiritual selves and seek an understanding of their spiritual pathway. If you consciously focus on your spiritual awareness, this increases your vibrational frequency. Rising” awakening”, which is happening now, we shift to a higher frequency dimension – shifting from 3rd to 5th dimension, the quality of which is unconditional love. Love yourself unconditionally…Anastasios.