eye-in-darknessThroughout history, people with malicious intent have exercised their free will to hurt others. That such cruelty is allowed to take place does not mean that God does not exist or does not care. The logic that explains such brutality can be expressed in two words: free will. We either have free will or we don’t. God does not directly interfere in human affairs because, by definition, free will would be rendered meaningless if it were interfered with.

The ability of every individual to exercise their free will is the X-factor that creates a loophole in the premise that “everything happens for a reason.” Given that Divine guidance may be thwarted by another individual’s act of free will, it is more accurate to say that everything that happens has purpose or creates purpose. No matter what happens, God works with what happens to guide you back on course—often with new purpose-driven priorities—whenever possible.

Consequently, God’s plan for each of us may weather continual course corrections, just as each move on a chess board reconfigures our universe of choices going forward. In extreme cases, our life’s plan may be adapted, rewritten, or postponed. Even then, however, karmic forces are at work and angels hover near. One way or another, in this life or another, our soul lessons will play out as planned. Fulfillment is certain; circumstances and timing are not.


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