This is a very controversial discovery!!!  It presents a story extracted from the Jesselson Stone that a Messiah (Simon) would die and raise from the dead in three days, but the key is it already existed before the time of Jesus.

The Dead Sea Scroll On Stone

Biblical archaeology has unearthed a three foot tall stone tablet, apparently from the first century B.C. that may have the same significance as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Why? It seems to tell the story of the King of the Jews that was considered the Messiah who was killed by the Romans just before the Passover. Sound familiar? It should, because it’s the same theme found in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The issue is that it is not the story of Jesus, it’s the story of Simon, who died four years before Jesus was born.


In this National Geographic video, discover the Jesselson Stone, a stone tablet that, depending on the determination of literally one letter written on the stone tablet, may offer a radically different view of the story of Jesus.

The single letter, according to one scholar’s interpretation, tells the story of the angel Gabriel instructing Simon to rise and live after three days.  If true, it provides a prototype for the certification and Resurrection of  Christ… and, it is a story that Jesus himself could have been familiar with and used to shape his own destiny.

This is really fascinating speculation. Watch the full documentary below.