We have just exited a stimulating Piscean cycle which means that the traits of Pisces will be dominant in all of us for the next couple of weeks. The mystical sign of the fishes has its positive and negative attributes. Generally, Pisces is a positive month that offers the gift of seeing things differently; from a higher perspective. The new vantage points in consciousness brings the freedom to dream big without much ego attached. Since Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, it has the least ego. While this has its obvious advantages, the downside is that Pisceans are at risk for lacking the drive to move forward.
They desire, but they can lack the discipline of inspiration that brings the desire to fruition. Now this is a generalization, and I know plenty of motivated, successful Pisceans. The point is, this is the opportunity this week, to ask ourselves if we are working to the level our desires demand? If you have been successfully focusing, choosing, creating, releasing, healing, daring and taking the action that calls to your spirit, to your inner knowing then you will and do feel that everything is falling into place. Even when there is confusion present the freedom you have gained in consciousness will keep you out of its exposure.
Another opportunity is to truly see and feel the difference between Truth and illusion. The energy of this cycle carries that mystic consciousness so any person or circumstance that is manipulating the scenes of your Reality will be unveiled. From your higher vantage place you can be courageous and truer to the cause of your life (Soul). We are moving at break-neck speed in our ascension process so it is also good to remember that while these astrological energies are influencing us we have an enlightenment elemental energy that is adjusting us to shift out of suffering and victimhood. Use your Piscean water wings to assist you in discerning what is operating under the guise of illusion over the next couple of weeks.
If you want to save yourself a lot of heartache and anxious uncertainty, begin training yourself to trust what you know. The allegiance of higher energies creates the space for you to responsibly follow the answers to your own questions. Explore the power of truth that is supporting all of us right now.
Blessed be your awakening to each story you reside in,


From time immortal the One Life of God has expressed its nature and being
in all that is seen and unseen, in all that is dreamed, and all that is supposed.
The dawn of every new day spills forth Spirit’s blessings of connectedness
to this One. I know the Absolute has sequestered itself in the most beautiful
of hearts — mine; its sacred temple of human form. The trueness of me is the
Light that shines from this inner temple of Self.I look to a new day and align with the holiness that is seeking me. I visit the
addresses of thought that reveal my highest level of self-awareness and
truth. As Spirit’s prophecy I become comfortable in the unknown; nothing
can be hidden or invisible to this omnipresence. Every domain of my life
reflects benevolence of Source. Knowing this is my truth, I trust every
choice I make. Intuitively I follow the activity of God within me as it merges
with the highest octave of heart. I give counsel to each of my desires so that
it is done unto me as I believe. No longer will I be able as a holy instrument
to identify with limitations and pain. I celebrate the new emanations of creation
that are pulsing through me as a fulfilling nature. Each day is opulent and filled
with opportunity.Opening wider and deeper I wear this month in all her beauty. As I release my
word to the Law, I know with certainty my spirit is uplifted and my heart is
filled with joy and deep appreciation. Let is be as Divine Will aligns it. And
so it is.



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