“. . . .that we live our deepest Soul’s desire not by intending

to change who we are but by intending to be who we are.”

– Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Dear Alexandra,

Angela-Peregoff-225x300Are you able to hear the words of your I AM Presence stabilizing your experience and taking dominion over your every thought, word, action and feeling?


As the momentum of Divine Grace and Compassion build throughout this year, your confidence and trust in this Presence will increase and become more obvious. The eternal light of our own Divinity is expanding in a rhythmic pulsation of adoration to the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Source of All That Is. Your sustaining power to hold all of this is to go about each day being mindful and conscious about living more fully every day! By intending to live more fully, to become a steward of the endearing qualities of Divine Alchemy is to embody ultimate freedom this time around.


The heart of God has made a promise to every Soul that focuses its attention upon the purity and power of Light contained within. You will be raised up in energy, vibration and consciousness into the loving embrace of your mighty I AM Presence. The full magnitude of this divine potential is part of your mission. It is the “Illumination” we are each remembering as a feeling in our heart and knowing in our mind; recognizing that Divine Intelligence is not outside ourselves, but rather it exists in every atom and cell of our Earthly temples.


Co-Creating the Light & Perfection of 2009,


My sense of the One life is alive and vibrant this day.

God comforts me with love and light and in this tender

place I recognize the perfection of me! I stand in unity

with the perfect Divine design of all life.


It is my desire this day to achieve vibrational harmony with my

innate “creator genius.” In this inevitably expanding universe

I go forth into the day declaring joy and appreciation for the kinds

of choices laid before me. I honor this God given freedom of choice

by letting in well-being. Letting in the clarity that comes from Spirit,

and letting in the abundance that is my natural state. Letting in

radiant health, my physical stamina, and my flexibility. Letting in my

ability to intuitively know my path. Letting in my sensitivity to my

surroundings, my opportunities to expand, to live happily and

peacefully. I let in who I really am! And who I really am is always

letting in whatever I desire. The expansion of my personal universe

happens joyously, naturally, creatively, and eternally today. Thus I

am an expression of God on Earth.


Content and complete in the knowing that I am God’s demonstration

of health, wealth, happiness, and wholeness I give thanks. My life

is the blessing of Light. And so it is.



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