As I am getting the day going……
I’m acting busy, but am not really. Seeing the nuttiness in the world, but am not feeling attached. Wondering where the vision went, but am not concerned.

Unplugged might be the word that covers a lot of territory. Unplugged from a reality that requires constant vigilance and endless attention to detail. Even the thought of re-entering that world creates a shockwave through my system that instantly informs me to stop thinking about it. Guess I still need the reminder of where to devote my attention.

There’s a stillness at some level right now. Not that I don’t go through motions of activity every day, but the sense that I am driven by my mind seems less alive in me. I know it’s what we have been learning and teaching about, but the experience of it can be disconcerting at times. In the old story, we were taught that we direct the flow of energy. In the new story our flow is informed and directed BY the energy. How well we can receive is the challenge, and listening is the new skill to master.

It’s not that the energy isn’t moving. It just might not be as we think it should. The controlling tendency of the distorted masculine is having to relinquish its grip as the feminine rebalances and merges. If you’re still trying to manipulate outcomes by some mental technique, you might find yourself challenged to let go of yet another belief before shifting more fully into the new operating system. And it’s not that some old teachings have been incorrect or ineffective, but rather they were born of the story out of which they came. In the new story we change our relationship with the energies of creation, and we get new instructions.

We are going deeper and shifting faster than ever before, and we are on the threshold of the next major movement. Each wave is unique in experience, and the word I’ve been using to describe the next one is Potent. The collapse of the old is accelerating, and the awareness that something new is stirring rises equally as fast. To me, the potency is like a relentless push that amps up the need for people to make a choice of which reality they wish to give their energy. . .
all this and more comes as I am getting the day going.