There’s an essence among us,

Sent here from above,

And it longs to embrace us

With infinite love.

But to feel this great gift

You have to know how to be the definitive “I AM

Angela-PeregoffThe good news is it’s easy to BE the definitive “I AM” . . .  you do it every day, all day. It is whatever you declare behind the statement, “I am.” What have you already been today? Happy? Tired? Stoked? Depressed?

To be in God’s heart and  endlessly embraced by divinity you must pay attention to the words that follow your “I am,” because they reveal the YOU you are creating today. I always recommend creating statements that begin with “I AM” and end with “Now.” And always, always emphasize with confidence and power.

Want a few ideas for powerful I AM statements? Try some of these out this week:

. . . generating and emanating happy healing love energy now. . . . shifting into joy now. shining brightly now. . . .remaining neutral, detached, forgiving, and loving–striving to maintain divine indifference now. . . . appreciating what is and being excited about what is coming now. . . . choosing to take the higher ground and finding the positive in everything now. . . . living in higher love now. . . . knowing all is well with my soul now. . . . attracting positive experiences now. . . . basking in the glory of the divine at all times now. .embracing life now. . . . loving and appreciating me now. . . . seeing only beauty and feeling only love now. . . . loving what is now. . . . loving more now. . . . loving all now. . . . glowing with Divine Love now. . . . touching hearts and healing hearts now. . . . choosing to live magnificently now. . . . radiating positive, life-giving, love-focused energy at all times now.  Celebrating who I Am now. . . . loving, honoring, and respecting myself now. . . . valuing, appreciating, and rewarding myself now. . . . energizing and vitalizing myself now. . . . anticipating all impending events with enthusiasm and expectation of good now. . . choosing to be in joy now. . . . being heart centered and soul focused now. . . . being here now. . . attracting only goodness now. . . uplifting people and places wherever I am now. . .knowing wonderful things are happening and wonderful days are ahead now. . . . knowing all is well and there is plenty now. . . . rejoicing because everything I need is on its way to me and I am ready now. . . . keeping my self in a state of positive expectation now. . . . feeling passionate and enthusiastic about living now. . . . standing fully in my light now. . .blessing and sending love to all now. . . . giving generously and receiving freely now. . . . rejoicing because I have money on hand and more money coming in for my use now.


This is a Universe of intelligence. It is responsive and creative. It supports

me always by forming my life from what’s contained in my consciousness.

It does this relentlessly, whether I like it or not and whether I remember it

or not.


Because I have the ability to choose what and how to think, because I am

the only thinker in my mind, I have the power to decide what goes into my

consciousness. And I do this deliberately.  There’s nothing to fight here. I’m

done believing in the ideas of good and evil, right doing and wrong doing. In

the east, the saying is: “Neti, neti.” “Not this, not that.” I’m through with

swinging between the pairs of opposites. I find that there’s a perfect balance

within my own mind – a perfected ability to choose that which serves not just

temporary desire, but the long term, long range, seven generation desire of my

deepest self. That which truly creates the best for me, creates the best for all

people everywhere. I don’t have to fight old ideas or beliefs, I don’t have to

reform my character, and I don’t have to live up to expectations of any kind.

My purpose in this life is to simply live in authentic ways, in harmony with the

Infinite Spirit within me.


God knows how to bring this about in me and in my life. I don’t have to know

how. What is mine to do: to say yes to it. And today, I say yes, without doubt or

hesitation, without holding back. I thank God for this ability, and I let the Law

work in its perfect and loving way. And it’s good. And so it is.