You create it all absolutely! You speak beliefs into structure every day. Your words; the “spoken word” is the manifestation tool you use for day-to-day creation of your reality. Each waking moment you fashion your own reality from your beliefs and ideas about reality and your beliefs, ideas, and judgments about who you are in relationship to that reality. While this concept may be new to some of you, even those of you who have been practicing creating your desired reality find that you come to those places where you say, “Well, I know the theory, but I am still re-creating and re-creating the same old story in my life,” or “Many things have changed; however, there is still this aspect or that aspect that I do not seem to be able to grasp or get a handle on in order to create the changes I desire.”

So let me say to you, how you create your reality is not some miracle. It is really quite simple, simple physics actually. The nature of your beingness is that you are composed of electromagnetic energy. All that you are whirls and twirls at a certain frequency. When you are in a place of joy, when you are in a place of laughter, when you are in a place of focusing without any negative judgment on what you are doing in your day-to-day existence, the vibration of your frequency allows desires to flow to you. You become like a grand tuning fork that sings with positive energy. Likewise, if you are affirming ideas and beliefs that are not beneficial; “There is never enough money,” or “I am never going to find the love of my life,” or “These jeans don’t fit!” then the Infinite Creative Law is going to go into action and give you exactly what you have declared. Anywhere there is a reaction of dislike, anger, negativity, or frustration there is also “creation.”

So it would behoove us to be aware of the verbiage, of what we say that falls off our tongues without even the slightest thought. Become aware so that it does not reinforce those negative ideas and beliefs that you want to change. “How are you today?” “Not bad.” “You are a pain in the neck or a pain in the butt.” Look at the words you say each day, especially when you are speaking about the things you want to change (like money) when you are speaking to others. Look at how you reinforce the idea that there is not enough, that something is never there when you need it and so on. The universe listens to us in every moment, because we were created in the image and likeness of God. We are creators, and every time we speak out loud that Truth is going to be delivered. Pay attention to what you say. The power of your words is awesome. The power of your words creates reality.

In closing, remember you only have now. The place of transformation is now. The place of change is now. Begin in the isness of your world. All that you are wanting or needing, whatever it is that you desire is waiting for you. Speak to it! Cultivate the thoughts, ideas, and words that bring it to you.

Don’t just “speak your mind,” consciously speak your Creative Reality-


I am made in the image and likeness of the Creator that is back
of every thing. My truest nature dwells in the Absolute. My
existence springs from the perfection of my spiritual self. I exist
as a divine idea in the Mind of God. I draw upon Its perfection
in this present moment and attune to the inner voice of Its
realization here and now.

I place a watch on my spoken words this day and every day. I
know my thoughts, words, and feelings direct a creative law
that is harmonic and deliberate in its deliverance. The power of
my word can manifest treasures or tragedy, so I direct my conscious
thinking towards productive, rewarding avenues of contemplation.
I chose words of love and kindness; I select thoughts and words of
inspiration and motivation, and I achieve success in all my endeavors.
I focus on words, thoughts, and feelings that re-create an intriguing
and engaging Reality. My days become an expression of divine ideas
and my life a channel for those ideas to move into the world.

Thank you Spirit for the grand and wondrous abundance that
I am. Thank you for the abundance and richness I see reflected all
about me. Thank you for the love in my life. The love that surrounds
me each day. Thank you for my health and vitality. Thank you for
the miracle of life that I am, and the miracle and gift of life that I see
reflected all about me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so
it is because I say so. Amen.