This quote by Omraam Mikhael Arvanhov. resonated with me to the core…

Dear Alexandra,
It is not enough to ask heaven to clarify something for you: if you fail to work on yourself, you will not receive a correct reply. Why? Because heaven’s reply, in passing through all the opaque layers you have accumulated within you, will be distorted. When we plunge a stick into water, the part that is immersed appears broken, which is explained by the fact that air and water do not have the same refraction index. In the same way, when the advice of the divine world has to traverse a psychic milieu, which is not properly prepared to receive it, it reaches us deformed. In order to be sure that you receive clear, lucid, and authentic replies from heaven, you must purify yourself. Otherwise, there are so many risks of error that it is best to disregard what we receive in this way. Therefore, before asking heaven what you need to do, ask yourself how you are going to receive its replies.” – Omraam Mikhael Arvanhov.


 The elegant universe is a dazzling Divine force of Infinite Right Action. It is a
Presence of intelligence combined with love, and It knows exactly what to do,
become, and be in each moment to achieve perfection. I realize I am part of this
evolutionary path of Light. The companion “Source” of me thathas mapped out
All That Is.Today I channel this creative output of universal consciousness throughout my
human biology and physiology. I do this with an awareness and intent of radiant,
vibrant intelligent health down to the quantum cellular level. I open my mind and
allow Spirit’s perfection to travel the heart path soothing every imbalance and
discord with frequencies, vibrations, modulations of perfect Universal Oneness.
This unique energy matrix activates the innate evolutionary codes of robust, exotic
Existence and challenges all that is not in tune with the TrueSource of creation.
Much is changing as I purify with divine intention and all alien substances that do
not originate from the goodness of Love dissolve and are easily eliminated from
the physical body. This temple ofBeing is now a paradigm of an integral, full range
harmonic repository of vitalizing Lifewave.

Today I accept my connection with All That Is. I open to my intended changes, and
embrace the wonder of  what I truly am. Joyfully I have reached a new level of
expression from an inner decision to immerse myself in Universal Love. I am
transcendence, growth, and the evolvement of potent vital radiant health. It is done,
andso the experience is.


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