One of the many remarkable statements I have heard about this latest election was, “Well, I guess we know where the consciousness of this country stands.” The detail of judgment that went into the words as this person brought these words forward was amazing. I know there are many of you out there who are doing the “end-zone happy dance” and many who are disappointed. That’s life! Instead of judging the powers that be, how about alchemizing your perceptions to know that in ALL things there is Perfection. Many would like to spend a heck of a lot of time going on and on aboutwhat is going to happen now; what is happening now? Can they see that this election has been an extraordinary gift? A gift that will usher in the exact perfect path of spiritual expansion for the leaders of the United States. Before you pulled a lever, touched a computer screen, or filled in a blank ballot on Tuesday you took a moment to realize the highest for your beloved homeland — so how could the best not manifest?


Angela-Peregoff-225x300These are the things we often overlook my friends. Take some time today and let the Soul of you remind your consciousness that we can see the world however we like, and live to see it so. No matter which party is ruling on Capital Hill. Can you feel that? The power of Spirit spinning within the center of your heart that can hold a fluid, accepting, unresisting stance through all adversity. Remember, no version of any event can persist without a corresponding consciousness requiring it. If your candidate didn’t win then perhaps you can use this event as an opportunity for your consciousness to come home to itself as a creative source.


Without fail, I know that our country just put the exact perfect expressions of Spirit in every congressional seat —


 One Law, One Mind, One Nation under God. The unity of Universal
Oneness makes way for new beginnings this day. A harmonic
relationship has been engineered within all structures and organizations
that represent the American people and this collective field of Intelligence
now pours forth Its grace and wisdom upon the land. As it flows all
people become conscious conduits through which It maintains its
momentum.In America our various voices and votes have been unified into a
single fundamental phenomena of Truth. A feeling of success and
accomplishment prevails within the hearts of all men, women, and
children of this great nation. We are not merely two contrasting
polarities of consciousness — we are the psychology of a unitary
consciousness manifesting Divine Leadership. Each ballot has
changed the world; each made a difference in the life of our nation.

So here — with grateful hearts we leave this presidential campaign
knowing that even Greater Good has saturated this vast homeland.
God has blessed America. And so it is.