WAITING FOR THE SIGN by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Once upon a time in a beautiful blue green spherical jewel called Earth, Terra Gaia, lived many wise and ancient masters.  They came to the Garden of Eden to complete a long journey.  They lived quietly amongst the people for many years looking and acting as regular people.  Each night as they slept the masters gathered in the higher realms – it was there they learned and studied Universal truths and understandings that one day would set them free from the amnesia that still stalked them.  Every night as they entered the halls of higher learnings they opened dimensional doorways, entering through star portals and time portals.


All creation spoke to them communicating great truth and secrets of the Universe.  The angels schooled them in the art of love, the councils of light gave them integrity and wisdom, Christed ones prepared them for full body ascension.  Everything offered itself to these masters as they supped upon the awe of it all night after night.  During sleep, the masters of light were true to their original form recognizing their worth and their divinity. They allowed all forms of teaching to adhere to the very center of their DNA.


Night after night, month after month, year after year, the masters prepared waiting for the sign that would usher them into fullness and completeness of their mission and time on Earth. However something seemed to go wrong, their cup was too full, too filled. They could not absorb anymore knowledge, anymore light, anymore truth and still the sign had not come. They were saturated to the highest point of light. They looked at the skies, the stars, the clouds, the seas waiting and searching for what their heart would recognize as their sign. Over and over they searched the horizon, morning, noon and night waiting in their paramount of fullness. Finally they started to ebb and not flow, they began to wane as a full moon begins to lose itself. Feeling they had overstayed their welcome in what was becoming a seemingly hostile environment day by day these masters began to droop as a beautiful flower that had not received water.


They had studied so hard, so diligently for so long, giving of themselves 100 percent, holding light and hope for all of planet Earth and all of the solar system and milky way galaxy.  What had gone wrong – had they failed the Creator?  They wanted to know where was the sign.  No one knew what the sign was but it was encoded in their DNA. No one knew what color or shape or geometry or where it could be located.  Desperate and so lonely the masters began to look into the eyes and the  hearts of the regular people of Earth that walked amongst them.  No longer feeling gifted or special or masterful they begin to feel like just every regular Joe or regular Jane.  They had let go of what they had grasped as truth for so long lowering themselves to earth amongst the people that they always felt alienated from.


Feeling as though they had been deserted by the Creator, the angels and the masters and star beings that had worked with them every night for so many years, they finally came to the point of saying they were just like everyone else on earth.  There was nothing spatial or special about them.


When this thought entered their hearts something miraculous and magical happened. They opened their eyes to see a beautiful planet filled with six billion plus masters of light.  Everywhere they looked they saw a light radiating from the human that they had stepped away from for so many years.  This was the sign they had been waiting for.  It was not until they let go of all separateness and eliteness could they finally see what had been in front of their eyes all along.  In their separateness they had become blinded to the divine flame in all of mankind.


The principle of Light reminds me that within the One everything

is reflected and it is through the separation that the beauty of

individuality is seen. For like our sunlight that bends and refracts

into a rainbow of primary colors, we are priceless unique elements

that will collectively gather back into one glorious spectrum of Light.


Today I witness the Light of God living in harmony and peace. No

occasion justifies hatred; no injustice warrants bitterness. I refuse

to see all people as anything less than human beings, created by God.

Instead of cursing the one who took my place, I invite her to do so.

Rather than complain that the wait is too long, I thank Spirit for a

moment to pray. Instead of judging my global community with vengeful

ideals about what should be right, I choose to envision a peaceful state

where there are no enemies. I will be mindful that there is always a bigger

plan and that hope, faith, and love are the continual blessings that pour

forth even in times of despair. There will always be those who have

different opinions and ideas, but all of this can exist on a peaceful planet.


I am a spiritual being who commits to seeing  love, joy, patience, kindness,

goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-responsibility by the time

this day is done. And when I lay my head down upon my pillow tonight I

shall know that God’s grace truly is never failing. And so it is.