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An age-old Native American myth speaks about the existence of thirteen sacred crystal skills imbued with great powers. According to the legend, each skull is a symbol of a planet from a total of twelve that were inhabited by humans in remote times. The thirteenth piece is the key that links them together, unlocking the power allegedly contained within.

The tale goes on saying that the crystal skulls will be reunited when humanity will reach a tipping point in history, and these relics containing forbidden knowledge of our species background will pave the road to a better future. That if only we’ll be ripe enough to withstand the temptation of using this power for our own selfish interests.

In 1924, Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges, the fostered daughter of British adventurer and author Mitchell Hedges, had come across the first crystal skull inside the ruins of Lubantuun – The City of Fallen Stones.

crystal skull discovered by Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges

While inside a temple pyramid located on the territory of modern-day Belize, she found the relic inside a secret compartment within the altar. Extended tests were performed on the skull, and although it belonged to a Mayan site, Anna and other researchers believed it could have originated elsewhere, not excluding possible otherworldly origins.

Since its unearthing, the artifact has become the subject of debate in many academia circles, with researchers unable to understand its use, or how it was made. This was no impediment for people who attributed miraculous capabilities to the skull.

First proof of the crystal skull’s mystical abilities is probably Anna herself, who lived to see 100 years, attributing her longevity and well being to this uncanny artifact.

Other people who came in direct contact with the skull claimed to have received guidance, as if a greater and knowledgeable force was communicating with them through the crystal cranium. Those who had the opportunity of spending lengthy amounts of time with the skull reported an occasional aura around the item, as well as benevolent tunes emitted by it. Just as the legend described, the skull ”talked and sang.”

Other people described having visions of ceremonial events and various sacred sites linked to earth’s timeline. They witnessed the passage of time, and how the seas have lowered and arisen, the continental drift, death and rebirth. Another curious tale narrated by several people who have come in contact with the skull is that of a spaceship cruising through space.

Some of these miraculous claims of rejuvenation and expanded psychic abilities have been documented by Joshua Shapiro in the book he co-authored – Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed.

We believe the crystal skulls are a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around them, he reveals.”The skull will pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come into contact with them (i.e. They contain the history of our world).”

The crystal skulls were determined to be of Aztec origins, but Anna believed hers predated the Mayan culture, and could have even been linked to extraterrestrials.

Recent microscope analyses performed on the skull reinforced her idea, as results revealed markings on the surface that could have only been made using modern carving tools.

Since it is made from quartz, its age couldn’t have been carbon-dated since no carbon exists in its composition. Even more, quart has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, and diamond ranks 10, meaning that even if the crystal skull’s makers used diamond-tipped tools, it would have still been impossible to attain this complex level of details without the item shattering.

Only if shaped into its raw form and then polished utilizing abrasive material could those unknown sculptures have achieved this feat. However, this process is estimated to have taken up to 300 years, considering the skull’s level of details.

On top of that, quartz – the material from which the cranium was carved, has a curious electrical property, namely piezoelectricity. This property allows it to store electricity whenever placed under mechanical stress. Quartz is also used in the manufacturing of computer chips due to its piezoelectric properties, enforcing Joshua Shapiro’s idea.

With this in mind, more questions have arisen rather than answers.

As most of you already know, the Aztec and Maya cultures reached a level of advancement in many branches in a relatively short period of time. They mapped the night sky as they gazed at the stars. They produced complex calendars and foresaw astronomic events with great precision.

Regardless of the many unexplained characteristics of the skull, mainstream scientists and archaeologists remain skeptical. they say skulls were conspicuous in ancient Mesoamerican artwork, especially among the Aztec.

It was a symbol of regeneration,” said Michael Smith, a professor of anthropology at Arizona State University. ”There were several Aztec gods that were represented by skulls, so they were probably invoking these gods. i don’t think they were supposed to have specific powers or anything like that.”

After applying a forensic reconstruction method on a replica of the skull, the aspect of a Caucasian female took shape, fueling skeptic’s belief that the crystal skulls were a forgery crafted in Europe between the 19th and 20th century.

The famed crystal skulls of ancient Mesoamerica have been a source of mystery and controversy for decades. The handful of known skulls have defied even the most advanced scientific efforts to determine who made them, when, and most puzzling, how. This specimen, owned by the British Museum in London, was originally thought to have been made by the Aztec of Mexico but was later determined to be a fake. PHOTOGRAPH BY AFP/GETTY IMAGES

With this discovery creating controversy even today, we remind of the central common figure present in many cultures across the globe, that is a white-skinned deity with a white beard and Caucasian facial features.

Could this be just a coincident or an enthusiastic assumption? Or maybe there’s more truth to this than we can perceive and digest?