by Peter Tongue

Absolutely incredibly we are in the New World energies and it is great! I have no doubt that we have been successful in navigating through the Shift of the Ages, thanks to all those conscious beings of light who held space for it all to unfold beautifully and naturally. I have noticed since sunrise on December 21st that the sun is showing itself as an amorphous bright light, more like an eye than a tight sphere. It is showing us that it too has broken through the containment barrier and has set itself free from the mind matrix that has held us all entrapped for so long.


Magical happenings have been taking place all month and so I will guide you through our experiences to help you understand how I believe this has played out. The month began with a connection with Anaiya Sophia who is going to be my radio guest on Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation for the first show in January. She has a profound understanding as to how our fall from Grace took place which explains where everything went wrong on planet Earth. Not only that, she also knows the solution.



It takes us back to when we last had a Golden Era of Peace on the Planet, which is important because we need to return to this state. It was in the time of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun. In a place called Armarna, in middle Egypt, they created a garden of Eden during a Golden Era of Peace. The creation of this was through completely balanced harmonious sacred sexual union between the Priests and Priestesses. They would go through their training, purification and initiation in separate pyramids before coming together in the third pyramid of transformation and manifestation. Their union was not to create children, but an abundant, fertile landscape and mutual honour and respect between all of its citizens. The Womb space of the Priestess was so vibrant and alive that she could manifest at will, with the assistance of the heart-centred Priest. He bought the consciousness of Spirit into the womb through the sacred union for this manifestation. The Priestess was even capable of transmuting any inappropriate energies in the community through her womb. Both Priest and Priestess acted in humility and service for the good of everyone. This was the prefect World.


So what went wrong?


EGO! The Priestesses became so powerful in their abilities that the Priests became terrified that they would be consumed by the feminine principle and so they started plotting to depower the feminine. So now the men were seeking power and control. Traditionally, on entering the third pyramid for their sacred union, the Priestess would activate her womb space and the Priest would open his heart and then they would make love. Now, as he entered the pyramid, she detected a difference in his energy. She moved her consciousness out of her womb space and into her head to try to figure out what was happening. He moved his consciousness out of his heart and into his groin. Now when they made love, there was no “Love in service”. He was seeking personal gratification and she was empty in her womb, trying to work out what was happening in her head. This process was the begining of all issues between men and women, sexual and otherwise. Power plays, manipulation, hidden agendas, using sex for personal gain at someone else’s expense. Some of you will have quite an emotional reaction to this information, because you were part of this sad turn of events. The good news is we can right all of the wrongs and this is a big piece of the puzzle that we need to resolve now.


Throughout the month we have taken the opportunity to work with the womb space to heal all of the old scars and wounds as a collective archetype on behalf of humanity. Every possible wound has emerged to be healed as both victim and perpetrator, sometimes multiple scars in the same person. What a sacrifice to make so that humanity can itself be set free now! A planetary alignment on Decmber 3rd involving Saturn, Mercury and Venus over the three pyramids of Giza really assisted in clearing these ancient, patriarchal, dysfunctional energies with love. By the way, the man’s womb space is the prostate gland.


Mat Kahn on the radio show on December 5th expressed it beautifully when he explained that every challenging emotion that comes up does so to be acknowledged, loved and released. When you do so, you release that emotion for the collective not just for yourself. We are all working on this together in


That lead us into the 12:12:12! We had arranged to have a day of Ceremony, which became a really significant event in this build up to the end of the cycle. We started out at the Holy Thorn Tree where we wanted to connect with Mother Earth, offering her healing through the roots of the tree. We also connected with the ancestral Christ Consciousness Energy emanating through the tree from the Ancient of Days. Our healing complete, we headed off to Summit Park, which is the upper tip of the bow of Sagittarius the Archer in the landscape. Here we fired our arrow of our Heart’s desire to dream our new dream, without restriction, for our future life. Facing East and the anticipated rising sun on the Solstice to come, we put all of our passion for the future into that arrow at 12:12pm.


Finally we moved off to Camrose Park, the hub of our landscape zodiac. We had two intentions here. The first was to link in all of the crystals buried in the landscape, our own personal crystals, and other zodiac hub crystals with the activated crystalline grid of the planet. Zia set up a crystal altar with twelve crystals representing each of the zodiac signs in our landscape, including our precious alchemical concotions and cinnabar orb, before inviting any other personal crystals to join the ceremony of activation. It was a powerful moment!


Our second intention was for individuals to experience the highest download of energy and information that they were capable of receiving, activating their own crystalline nature and twelve strand DNA. It was so moving and rewarding to see each participant offering themselves in deep reverence to spirit as they wandered, sat, stood or danced in these so beautiful, natural surroundings.


It became evident that this was the moment of conception of our New World to be birthed just nine days hence.


Its is extraordinary how the required information and insight shows up just in the nick of time. We were now treating the Solstice as an energetic birthing event. We returned to Summit Park for sunset on December 20th, this time facing west to bring closure to everything from the Old Age, from a personal and collective point of view. Over thirty of us gathered facing west and tuning in deeply to what we had to release and surrender. We then quietly went our own ways to reflect and ponder while preparing ourselves for the birth to come the following morning. On the west coast, the actual Solstice moment was in the middle of the night and many were woken up to begin the final process- a restless, excited, agitated night for many-the waters broke!

At 7.30 am on December 21st, we gathered at the Oak Bay Marina in our Capricorn effigy with drums, rattles and voice to welcome in the first rising of the New Sun on the first day of Capricorn. This particular Solstice was important because all of the womb spaces of Creation were lined up. The Galactic Centre Womb space, our Sun’s womb space, our Earth’ womb space and all of the wombs of all of the inhabitants of Earth. A grand opportunity for a new co-creative World to unfold.


What a gift! So what is it going to be like? Magnificent! Its like living in two worlds simultaneously-the old and the new. The more time spent in the new, the more magical it gets. It is our job to embody this new frequency of vibration, pay attention to the synchronicities, remarkable awarenesses, and revel in the ever increasing mircales. It will take some time for the old world to completely dissolve and disintegrate, but it will and we will be left with this real, fairy tale land of infinite possibilities to embrace and enjoy-laugh and giggle a lot!