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oppt_logo_border8oppt_templates_video_130118[Kp Note: this post will likely be updated over time, as more information comes in.]

As I continue to learn about what is going on with all of this OPPT (TOPPT) business, I received this set of templates today (Mahalo, Paula and Desmond and Agatha) for distribution to everyone. At this time, I view these as templates for actions we can take to declare our Freedom, our Individual Sovereignty, our Oneness as a people (planetarily speaking), as well as our Oneness with the Creator. And the side benefit is that we step out of all the corporate traps (you know, corporation USA, corporation CANADA (and here), corporation AUSTRALIA, et al.) that we have unknowingly (and possibly unwillingly) stepped into. So here they are.

Link to template docs (zip file):

Instructions, see video (below):

Earlier post with more descriptions: “An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents

And now, the video.

kauilapele | 2013/01/18 at 09:53