Monday, December 3, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase

The long night of the Full Moon/Black Moon phase has ended and now it is time for the phoenix (us) to begin its rise from the ashes.  It certainly was quite an experience.  With this, the energy lifts quite a bit today.  Something is happening at the deepest level of our beings: an activation.  A new element is emerging within.  Our radiant codes (which comprise our energetic fields aka frequencies) are recombining.  This beautiful process is happening so that we can not only come into closer communication and alignment with the planet, Gaia-Sophia, but also to make us stronger.  During this Disseminating Moon phase we will begin to gain insight into ourselves and into our lives that helps us complete Sophia’s vision – to express our full potential and uniqueness.  Consider this: the divine being embodied as our planet was so enthralled with what we create that it pulled her out of her home in the Galactic Center.  The very least we can do is honor this by playing our part and expressing the potential inherent in our individual radiant codes.  You may not have any idea what this means for you personally, but that’s ok because we are still shifting formation and pursuing our individual spiritual vision quest until the very last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase.  Continue on with the journey today and facilitate the process by spending time outside.  We need the power of nature to restore us from the heaviness of this month’s energy which reached its apex at the Full Moon.  During Disseminating Moon phases, the mission is to pay close attention to what we hear.  This is the way spirit communicates during Disseminating.  I heard the birds (phoenixes) singing today.  What about you?