Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo

Today’s energy concerns what lasts.  We are looking at what’s stable, consistent, and reliable.  In a changeable world, these things are hard to find.  We tend to look outside of ourselves.  But we have an anchor and we always have.  Our firmly grounded connection with the planet keeps us tethered when we feel like we are flying off.  And when we are firmly grounded, we are free to explore, safe in the knowledge that we are supported and always will return home.  We are still in the window of time that I’ve called the “activation point.”  Not only are we activating deep levels of our being in service to the great vision the planet has for humanity, but things around us are activating as well.  Change feels uncomfortable much of the time.  But these changes are broad and sweeping, and in turn we are sensitive to the instability, alienation, loneliness, and anxierty that they bring.  In the midst of this, we need to remain open to options because opportunties lie within the changes.  Remember that this month we are like immigrants in a new country.  The energy seems foreign to us.  However, even though things have definitely changed, one things remains  – the guardianship of Sophia.  Most beings in the cosmos are not fortunate enough to be traveling through space with their creator (creatrix).  The way to handle the world now is to continually reinforce our inner connection with the planet.  When things get tough, we have to take a mental time out, take a breath, and visualize being rooted.  In the new year’s audio report I discussed fortifying our personal energetic fields by visualizing a portal or pillar of light surrounding us.  This will help ameliorate some of the feelings of the foreign energy.  There’s a lot in this report, so you may want to re-read it at some point today or tonight.

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