Monday, January 7, 2013


Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

oracleWe need to make sure we aren’t taking on too much today.  It will be easy to become lumbered by responsibilities and get dragged down, especially if we are trying to do things with which we have little to no experience.  Most days it is good to stretch ourselves beyond what we believe to be our capabilities, but today is not one of them.  This also means trying to do too much too quickly.  The key is to find balance between taking care of responsibilities, rest, and creativity (fun).  If you start feeling weighed down, you want to immediately stop what you are doing and regroup.  The best way to do this, as always, is to connect with nature.  Some have said they have a hard time doing this because of the cold weather where they are.  You can do this indoors, although it doesn’t work as well.  Looking out the window at birds, trees, or snow and connecting through your heart is always healing.  A small, portable outdoor heater is worth its weight in gold, actually because nothing is as curative as being outside and breathing fresh air.  There are, in fact, energies in place today that bring inspiration (even resucitation if you have been going under).  Inspiration means breathing in spirit.   Pay attention to your breathing.  Slow down and go inside your tree as a wise owl knows to do.  We are also practicing a new skill – walking around encompassed by a shaft, portal, or pillar of light that enables us to move around the swirling energies that can be so draining.  Today is a good day for wise owls to practice all of their skills to stay in service to Sophia’s vision and not get pulled off track.  We’re closing out this lunar month today (it’s the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase) so it is the last day to rectify anything that happened this month before we release it during the Balsamic phase.  Remember – it’s a day for inspiration, but that can only happen if we are in the mindset to receive.

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