New Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio The Moon has entered Scorpio for the first time since Saturn entered Scorpio.  We will come to learn how these days each month, power issues raise their ugly heads.  Power plays, power mongers, and power struggles bring out the worst in people.  Today though, it is masked with a smile by people who think they know better or could do better than someone else.  WIth power comes arrogance.  The way to navigate this today is to keep a balance on your emotions with logic and groundedness.  One of the positive things about Saturn in Scorpio is the increased ability to ground ourselves firmly in place.  Situations and events are tipping heavily out of balance today, so don’t be surprised if this energy catches up with you a bit.  It is all rather exhausting, so remember to rest as much as you can if you are experiencing difficulties.  And if a petty tyrant rears up, just ignore him or her.  Power struggles are ridiculous and it isn’t worth the energy to engage these people.  Besides, the abuse or mishandling of power always turns on itself.  We are interested in the real power – the power of the planet and our empowered, conscious participation in her creative experiment of humanity.  We fly above petty power issues like the soaring eagle (which I’ve chosen to remain as the day’s photograph to emphasize yesterday and today’s reports – remember that things will come in two’s this month).

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