Friday, December 28, 2012

12/20/2012 Audio Update

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The Moon is shining particularly bright this phase, so make sure you go outside and catch a glimpse if skies are clear where you are.  This photo was taken Christmas night from Brazil and posted on spaceweather today.  It shows the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon.  Over the Full Moon phase, we are going to leap forward in some way with our personal development.  Wisdom will be gained.  You will want to pay close attention to what you hear and what you see.  Signs and synchronicities are going to aid this process.  There really is only one goal in our personal development: to align ourselves with the planet Sophia and to fully express our individuality in service of her creative vision.  The leap will come within this context.

As I mentioned yesterday, despite this being a wonderful time in the history of humanity, forces that stand opposed to humanity are in high gear.  They are bombarding us with all sorts of things.  It is causing many, many people to get sick and stay sick for a much longer time than usual.  Some are beyond depressed.  Some are so exhausted they want to sleep all the time and others can’t sleep at all.  Listen to your body and rest if you are tired.  If you can’t sleep, use the time toward something that you’ve been wanting to do.  If you are sick (but able), go outside briefly and ask Sophia to assist in your healing.  Talk directly to her.  And by all means, use the “skill” we’ve been practicing of shooting mental arrows at thoughtforms or situations that do not serve you or serve light.  Fight back.  This energetic bombardment is likely to last for a while.  But asvwe adjust to it, we will learn to deftly move around it.

The energy will be intense over the next three days with the Sun making a conjunction with Pluto. This conjunction happens once a year and it can be heavy, but it is also rewarding.  The insight/wisdom we gain for the leap in development will be profound due to this conjunction. 

Let’s all bathe in the light of the Moon and prepare to make a leap.

(Note:  I will be taking a break from the report this weekend, but will return on Monday, December 31st.)


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