Saturday, November 10 – Sunday, November 11, 2012

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Libra

We opened the past Libra lunar month with the Sabian symbol a chanticleer’s voice heralds the rising Sun with exuberant tones.  The month brought us into alignment with people, places, and things that are more “like” or in resonance with us.  And we came into closer communication and participation with our Spiritual Source – our bandwidth was widened.  This weekend, as the Balsamic Moon phase begins (and prepares the way for the New Moon, as all Balsamic phases do) we have our Spiritual Source sending messages and information that is personal to each of us, but will also widen our collective sphere of operation and influence.  Gaia Sophia is drawing aside two dark curtains (the stage of her creative vision) and opening a new act of her play.  Remember yesterday I wrote that we were preparing for changes.  Life change and transformation happens in stages.  In July we had the change I called the Turning Point and we processed and integrated that change clear through to the New Moon in Libra.  This past month has set us up for a new spiral of evolution of consciousness (which is more appropriately called “alignment of consciousness” because evolution is actually our awakending to our union with the Divine).  The new twist will come over the next lunar month, the New Moon in Scorpio, and will be kicked off with a total solar eclipse.  This new turning point won’t be like the last.  Changes aren’t going to happen to us – we are going to change things.  We will be taking up torches that will blaze through February.  In March we will prepare for yet another new turn that will take place in April.  This is how things will unfold.

July’s Turning Point was extremely hard because our energetic fields received a massive upgrade and this shifted the events and circumstances of our lives.  Corrections were made.  Now, November’s “Activation Point” will be much easier because it is in our control.  Our inner spiritual warrior will be engaged.  If the idea of this exhausts you – take heart.  This isn’t going to be grueling or draining in any way.  Don’t let my reference to a new “turning point” trigger trauma that you experienced back then.  We will activate with skill and perfect execution because we will be conscious of what we are doing. All action will be purposeful with no wasted movement.

Balsamic Moon phases are quintessentially Neptunian.  They are the dream time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest.  It’s misty and we are at our most intuitive level during Balsamic.  This particular Balsamic is punched up with the pop of Neptune stationing direct, which happens this weekend (this will also bring some relief to the Pisces among us).  Balsamic phases prepare the way.  Anything negative that you are carrying from the past month should be released in preparation for the new energy.  This is not a weekend where you want to be really busy because we need down time (receiver time) to hear what Sophia is whispering to us.  All wise owls should locate to their “inner tree” and be open.

If you find yourself crying this weekend, you are on track.  (This doesn’t mean that if you arent’ crying you aren’t on track).  But the love of Sophia is so close to our hearts this wekend and the common reaction is crying.  It’s like listening to Bach, Beethoven, or Chopin.  It stirs us to beauty.

Are you excited about what is happening?  I certainly am.