Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio – Total Solar Eclipse/Activation Point

Today we are called to the month where we will shift formation – shift form.  The New Moon opens the segment of time in Sophia’s grand vision where we activate the spiritual quest.  This quest is two-fold: we will be activating a new level of ourselves (one that is more expressive of our full talents, capabilities, and uniqueness as well as moving into a higher level of spiritual awareness) and we will be activating counterbalances to forces that stand opposed to the fulfillment of Sophia’s vision and intend harm to humanity.  Regarding the latter, we will do this by progressively amping up our light through the available energies, not by enggaing these forces directly.  We have no interest or business in that because Sophia is taking care of this.  We do have the responsibility to help our brothers and sisters and we do this by radiating a field of high spiritual awareness and acting accordingly with love and kindness in our daily lives.

Today we set off in the V-formation of birds in flight.  In this formation, birds are never directly behind each other herefore no one’s vision is obstructed and each is part of the whole.  The V-formation is like an arrowhead pointing with one end open.  We are that open end.  This lunar month is magical and whatever is seeded during the New Moon phase will have tremendous force behind it to manifest.  Spaceweather reports that an interplanetary shock wave hit yesterday, disturbing Earth’s polar magnetic fields.  This is nothing other than the Sun and the Earth (who are allies) sending the energy for the Activation Point.

This month the power of the imagination is unparalleled and it works well when we invoke our childhood imagination.  Stories and legends are born with this energy.  If you are stirred to write, you should follow through on the impulse.  In fact, get a picture of a goose or a goose quill or a goose down blanket and you’ll find it easier to write.  Travel is also highlighted (including the inner travel of the vision quest).  Marriages that take place over the next month receive a special blessing.

By nature, I prefer to not discuss the negative aspects of energy, but my role is to move beyond that preference and call the dark out into the light.  Long-time readers know that I will call it as it is.  So if you’d like to stay in the positive end of the energy, today’s report ends here for you.  If you want to delve deeper, read on.

The New Moon in Scorpio has the following elements (Sabian symbols in bold):

  • New Moon at 22 Scorpio (“hunters shooting wild ducks”)
  • Earth at 22 Taurus (“white dove over troubled waters”)
  • New Moon conjunct North Node at 27 Scorpio (“military band on the march”)
  • Mars one degree from the Galactic Center, home of our Mother Ship/Home, Sophia (‘an old bridge over a beautiful stream in constant use”) opposing Vesta, the asteroid that rules the home-fire and related feelings (“children skating on ice”)
  • Eris (“gateway to the garden of unfulfilled desires”) opposing Venus (“a Jewish rabbi performing his duties”) – this brings in the strong magical qualities, feminine energy in its highest and most balanced form but is also often used by Illuminati for occult purposes
  • New Moon trine Pallas Athena (“a materializing medium”) – more magical feminine energy
  • Mercury retrograde at the first degree of Sagittarius, the last degree before it retrogrades back into Scorpio (“grand army of the republic around a campfire”)

These images tell us a story.  What patterns do you see?  Birds, aggression/war.warrior/military motifs, water, and magic.  I’ve emphasized the transformstive and visonary power of this New Moon/Activation Point, but the inverse spectrum indicates that darker forces will undertake activations of their own.  Simply put, the dark side is going to close rank.  This will unfold over several months but a new level is initiated this month.  (We could also see more high strangeness with the weather/water and we could see a large earthquake/tsunami.)  Scorpio New Moons are ruled by Pluto – Lord of the Underworld.  With the Eris/Venus/Pallas Athena influences, we have the perfect storm of magical energies that can be manipulated for ill.  I write about this for those who want to know.  It tells us that ugliness will be rampant and it prepares us to not be emotionally manipulated by their tricks of magic.  These forces are battling for control.  We aren’t engaged in the battle (Sophia is doing this) but we are in the line of fire.  We don’t want to be collateral damage.  So the counter to this is our efforts to amp up our energetic fields and become the strongest light we can be.