Monday, November 19, 2012

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

Today’s energy carries us into new mental territory.  There is a nebulous quality that makes it hard for us to distinguish reality from illusion, so we will need some time to process this and see where it pans out.  However, this aspect also gives us the ability to create something real from our imaginations.  So the poweer of visualization is strong and can be utilized for co-creation.  Something special is also happening today – prayers for assistance and guidance are being answered.  Mars is approaching conjunction with Pluto (exact conjunction on November 28) and this is bringing feelings of disconnection, bombardment or being under attack.  In many cases, actual attacks are occurring, not just the feeling of being under attack.  It’s pressing a lot of fear into the collective.  It can be a difficult experience for sensitive people.  If you are experiencing this, remember that prayers for assistance are being answered.