Friday, November 2, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

So it has been pretty dark out there, hasn’t it?  Did wisdom, insight, or whatever was imparted to you yesterday come about from something “dark” or something that was unpleasant?  Last week I mentioned that the window of time through November 6 was going to be challenging.  Remember that I wrote that we would need to transform into a “rocky cliff” that would withstand the battering.  We’ve certainly seen this on the macro and micro levels.  The energy has been suffocating; the way it is working is by pressing on emotions and then our minds engage in a loop of overanalysis.  This is exhausting.  Today we need to take all of that away.  The Full Moon phase ends and it is now time to let some light shine on the rocky cliff.  We’re still holding our ground and taking the brunt, but let’s get back to basics and pull in the beauty that is all around us in order to resuscitate.  One of my cats, Max, returns to today’s picture because he makes everyone happy and we need some happiness right now.

That’s technically the end of today’s report, but if you care to continue reading, I would like to share a story. I spent the day in jail yesterday.  Not like that – I wasn’t arrested or anything.  I was there for work.  In my overly-demanding day job, I am the director of a non-profit that provides counseling and support services for victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse.  We were at the jail for a ‘re-entry fair” for non-violent offenders who are getting ready to transition back into the population.  Many people in jail are survivors of sexual abuse, so the idea was for them to know about resources in the community.  But the violent offenders are housed in this labyrinth as well, and even though I’m pretty adept at walking along the dark side, it was a pretty horrid experience, primarily because we weren’t allowed to take anything inside and we were as trapped as the prisoners.  Despite putting up a lot of personal energetic protection in advance, wearing the sign of Mahakali, and being in the company of two beautiful souls, my energy waned as the day progressed.  I was beginning to get sick.  The air was re-circulated staleness.  There were no windows to show Sophia’s bouquet of autumn leaves in Northern Virginia.  The light was fluoresecent.  The only sign of the planet was on the top floor where the administrators work.  They have windows.  When I got home, I could barely move from exhaustion.

My purpose in telling this is that it is a rare experience when you are this disconnected with Sophia.  And when connection with her is taken away, life is lost.  This is why I always say to take in the beauty of the planet.  I’m criticized for talking in rainbows and butterflies, but truly that’s all there is to say.  That’s all we need.  I walk around in awe of her creation, but I will never look at her the same way again.