Friday, December 7, 2012

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo/Libra

Take a look at this video of a magnetic filament erupting from the Sun yesterday and the reason for yesterday’s madness will be graphically understood:

The eruption was like two arms of the Sun opening out to deliver bounty.  Anytime one of these magnetic filaments becomes unstable and erupts, events on Earth follow suit (because we live in an electric universe).  Yesterday morning someone asked me the astrological reason for the intensity of the energy and I said that I could find none.  Now we know it was because the Sun was ready to erupt.  Everyone here should know that we are beyond the astrology now.  It plays a factor, but there is much more happening.  We are coming into closer communication with the planet (and therefore the universe) so we can feel what is happening before we have the scientific facts to show it.  This alone is a great lesson.

The energy was unstable, but instability shifts the formation of things.  Great wisdom was bestowed upon us based on the events that transpired in our lives yesterday.  Most likely this was the culminating factor of this month’s vision quest.  Unless the Sun suddenly powers up again to work its magic, it’s time to turn back and return home, so to speak.  In this metaphor, all month long we’ve been on a journey to learn or discover something valuable.  In the archetypal journey of the hero, the hero always returns to his home to share his gift with others.

Which leads me to something that is important to say.  We aren’t engaged in narcissistic immersion here.  We are engaged in actualizing our potential in service of the grand experiment of humanity that the divine alchemist-scientist Sophia set in motion.  Translation: we are becoming who we are meant to be.  The way your soul expresses that is personal, no doubt,  but the expression is based on service to others, not service to self.  The grandest experiments come alive and start doing things on their own, interacting with other elements of the experiment in unique ways.  This thrills the scientist to no end because it is interesting.  It’s unknown.  It’s fascinating to watch.  It is the reason for creating the experiment in the first place.

So this month Sophia, the Sun, and the Galactic Center conspired to amp up the experiment and disseminate treasure for us – the activation of elements of our beings – elements that lay dormant or forgotten within the radiant codes of our personal energetic fields.  We’ve been on a quest to determine what it is that we now need to express in some way in the world.  What do you want to start dancing or playing around with?  It doesn’t have to be a giant expression (although it could be).  It could be to just dance around while you are getting ready for work.  Where might having that attitude lead you through your day?  You see, things that start small and undertaken in simple joy have a way of building.  I say this to take the pressure off.  Pressure stifles expression.  Artsits don’t need pressure.  You don’t have to paint the next “Starry Night”  (although you could).  But something has welled up in you this month to not only bring you joy and express your soul’s beauty, but also to bring light to the grid – the collective of humanity – and further the experiment.

What does it feel like to be in the bubble of a grand experiment?  What do you want to bring out of yourself in order to fully participate?  If you don’t have the answer yet, you will as you walk home from this month’s quest, letting it all sink in.


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