Satuday: Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Libra

Sunday: Third Quarter Moon Phase/Balsamic Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

We stay on the last leg of this month-long journey to find wisdom through most of the weekend.  The Balsamic Moon phase (which is neither part of the last lunar month and not exactly part of the next lunar month) enters around 10:45 pm EST/ 3:45 am UTC on Sunday.

There is strong protection in place on Saturday.  If you have wanted to go out on a limb or do something that might make you feel vulnerable, the action is supported.  So if something comes up to take you off your beaten path, it would be a good idea to follow it.  We are still on the quest, so stay open.  Very valuable self-knowledge can be gained.

Sunday is the last official day of the lunar month I’ve called the “Activation Point.”  Don’t confuse this wonderful thing with the day’s predominant energy which has us concerned with safety and security.  I started out this month talking about how dark forces would use this month’s energy to magically make war and we saw that happen.  There’s strong potential for this again Sunday due to the astrological influences that can be used to empower war strikes ( position of Sun, Moon re-entering Scorpio to retrigger what was seeded at the New Moon in Scorpio, and the Balsamic Moon Phase opposing the Chiron Point [3-4 Taurus] – the “wounding” part of Wounded Healer Chiron can be pushed).  Sunday is the closing ceremony to their dark magical spell implanted back at the New Moon and they will use it to full advantage.  Remember also that I talked about how things activated during this lunar month would last into February.  Powerful stuff.

But it’s just as powerful for us.  At the New Moon something deep inside us was being activated – something that would enable us to change the story of the human collective.  First off, we were fortified.  We became stronger.  Second, we found an element of ourselves that empowers us to express our uniqueness and in turn blaze light.  We will be ”lighting up the grid” like never before between now and February.  As I mentioned yesterday, there’s no pressure with this.  It’s happening on energetic levels whether you know it or not and it is time-released to develop.  It’s targeted to enable us to find, create, and merge with beauty.

So as we end this month’s journey of the spiritual vision quest to gain wisdom, I invite you to join me in a little magic of our own.  In the Northern Hemisphere it’s the time of year to bring light in the darkness.  The twinkling lights are my favorite part of the holiday season.  They are everywhere.  And this reminds us that light and beauty are everywhere, too.  We can counter the dark spell by bringing back the childlike wonderment and enchantment that comes with gazing at twinkiling lights.  We can reinforce the feeling of beauty and it won’t be hard for wise owls to do.  Just notice how pretty they are.  Truly it’s joy to the world.

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