Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

oracleVenus has moved into Capricorn, joining Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun, and adding more energy to themes of power and control that are associated with Capricorn.  But the main aspect that will intensify control issues today is the Sun making a square to Eris, which stationed direct yesterday.  Eris is refreshed.  The Eris energy abhors anything related to control, so we have strong conflicting energies at work.  It’s a push-pull, tug-of-war kind of day.  So, knowing that is the set-up, we can avoid becoming entangled in situations where this arises.  However, it will be enlightening to watch where this plays out.  It may play out closer to home – with the war being an internal one.  If you find yourself wrestling with any personal demons (your shadow side), take heart because this is happening at a prime time to do something about it.  We’re in the first Balsamic Moon phase since the Sun changed its properties on December 21st.  It’s a special, unique opportunity.  What do you want to release today?  Is it something about yourself – a feeling, mindset, judgment, disappointment, or fear?  Picture it turning into a vapor and project it out from your body in a stream toward the Sun.  Tzolkin (the Sun) will gladly take care of it for you.  It will burn it up and transform the energy.  Then Tzolkin will send the energy back to you (purified) at the New Moon.  There are gigantic sunspots on the Sun right now but they are relatively quiet.  We’ll be watching though, because if the Sun powers up at the New Moon, the electric universe is going to rock.  For today, do some releasing.  This particular Sun-Eris aspect can blow the lid off of anything.  Let’s work with it instead of it working us.

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